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recommendations? large dlp $3000

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hey guys, my brother and i are looking at tv's, hard to choose with so many options. with what is currently out or what will be within the next 30 days, what is your recommendation for our budget?

we'd like to do ccity/bbuy just to go with 0% financing, although it's not a requirement. just a nice to have, so would analog computer input to the tv be, but it sounds like i can buy an dvi->hdmi cable to make that possible. so what are we looking for? something available, $3200 i think is about the top of our budget, and great picture quality. dlp hdtv of a size 60-62". what do you recommend?
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look at the mits 62525
Also look at Samsung. Bottom line: go into your local CC/BB, look at all the brands and models, and go with whichever looks best to you.
i dont agree, i think you should research this some before u go into CC or BB. theres a lot of variations between different companies dlp sets, one area in particular is video inputs. make sure u know what youre getting. to actually make a visual comparison of the sets youve narrowed down to, visit a higher end home theater store, where the feed and settings willl be better.

it sounds like pc connectivity is important to you, beware that some dlp sets (hitachi and panny i think) dont fare well with computer input, even though i think they may even have a vga input. look into it. i think the XX74's are a good bet, and will be dropping in price prolly in may. also, xx63 series can be had for cheap thru the brick and mortars now. if you can live with it, the xx85 series has an amazing picture, super good for pc use, but youd have to like the stand. lastly , you could save a good deal of money and get an hln from costco or sams for probably about 2k now.
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fluffhead, yes I agree that it helps to do research before going to stores like BB and CC (not only are the feeds a crap shoot, but the salesmen are totally clueless). However, at the end of the day, nobody should buy an HTDV based on which looks "best" to someone else since everyone's tastes and preferences are different. Mike needs to go to several stores, see for himself, and go with whichever looks best to his eyes.
I just got a Panasonic DLP. Those might be hard to find on display around town. Check your indie or specialty shops (Tweeter, etc). Just mentioning it so it's not overlooked. I think it's a great set but you should see it for yourself. To each their own and I highly recommend looking at all them at as many places as you can. Then, decide what looks best vs. features vs price.

Also, consider buying online and you have more options. I mention that only because you have a set limit and you're trying to keep it reasonable. Your dollar goes a lot further online. Make sure it's an authorized dealer and the warranty is good, plus many online retailers offer their own extended warranties.
bill , didnt want to make it seem like i was implying u were telling him to make a decision in haste, obviously your 2800 posts indicate your knowledge and appreciation of research. but youre right, youve got to pick what you like to look at.

an example is how some dlp screens are have so much glare, vs others that are dull. i would consider lookin online too, maybe tvathourity who seem to do good business with lots of people on this forum. u can get sets way below b&m prices. good luck.

if i were in your shoes, i might even wait until 1080p hits this june (tentative) . 1920x1080 for computer desktop sounds hot. imagine hl2 or farcry in that resolution, (youd need one bad ass computer). likely out of your said price range though.

buy a nice set now, and then think that the next set you buy (5,6,8, how ever many years away) wilil be some SUPER CRAZY $HIAAAT. consumer tech in 2010 will be completely readicculus
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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