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I am looking for recommendations for a portable LED projector.

I have been looking for something with a decent amount of lumens and I am not too sure if there is a big difference in a dark room between a 100 or a 500 lumen projector.

I am in Kuwait so I don't have much chance of making a comparison between projectors. The only projectors I have seen here are the Acer K11 and the LG HS200. I will be purchasing the unit from the US so I have to get my choice right the first time as shipping it back for a return would be too costly.

Could anyone help me with a recommendation for a projector. I am willing to spend up to $700.

I have searched the forums and it appears that most projector owners have some issues but also good points with their projectors. I am therefore at a loss what to purchase.

I might not be asking myself the right questions to be able to make a good decision to purchse the projector. Please throw me some questions that will help me to make an informed choice or your recommendations.

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