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Recommendations XGA/576p component

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I have been scouring the forums search engine and other places. I am looking for a reasonably priced (isn't everyone) XGA LCD or DLP projector that can accept 576p and 576i through component inputs.

I'll be running a PAL progressive DVD player with component outs.

The one I've come up with so far is the Canon LV-7105 and clones but I can't see a report from someone who actually has one....

Any suggestions ?

I'd preferably like to keep below $3000 USD.

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The Canon LV-7105 is a clone of the Sanyo PLC XW15. It can do both 576i and 576p. There are many threads here on the Sanyo XW15.

Hardly any manufacturers specify that their projectors will do 576p but that doesn't mean that they won't. My Hitachi CP-X275W does 576p without any mention of it in the manual.

I have a review of my projector here. Search for "review of Hitachi CP-X275W".

I think I'll go for DLP the next time I buy a projector because I'm sick of the LCD-issues, like color uniformity imperfections, dead pixels and poor blacklevel.

Tor Arne
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While talking about the Sanyo PLC-XW15, why no body speaks about the PLC-XW10? It's the same, less brighter but also cheaper. It can be bought for about 2500 euros.

Any opinions on the PLC-XW10?

Hey tahustvedt

What are you thinking of getting ?

Any XGA DLPs that will do 576p/576i out there ??
You are in luck! The Optoma H55 is 576p/i compatible, as are the 750, 753, 755.

All of these are fantastic projectors, but the H55 is specifically designed for Home Theater. It's available in the low US$4K range. The 753 is a few hundred dollars less. The 750 is "only" SVGa, but thanks to it's awesome video processor (Silicon Image DVDO 504) it gives a smooth, rich image for less than $3K.
Good thought on the XGA res DLP, BTW. It just occured to me it will display a 576p image in it's native res, eliminating most or all processing anamolies.
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