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Recommended DVDs for exercise time

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I’m looking for some recommendations for dvd’s to watch when I exercise (treadmill & elliptical). The qualities I’m looking for are

action oriented


not heavily dependent on dialog

can be easily interrupted (45 minutes per day)

no intricate plot

Even with the above, it still needs to be a decent movie. Examples of DVDs that seem to work best are: Fifth Element, Starship Troopers, Total Recall, Matrix. (The first 45 minutes of Constantine were riveting). I’d like to pick up another 10 or so during DDD’s next 20% off sale.

What suggestions do you all have?

Thanks and regards, Michael
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What I use are TV shows - some that I find work really well are



Wonder Woman

(hmm, I might have a bit of an fetish going on here)

You get everything in 45 minute chunks. You don't need to pay much attention to follow the plot. If you are into interval training, you can play games such as cranking up the speed/intensity during the action sequences (Wonder Woman works great for this - go nuts everytime the theme music comes on). Plus, from an time/price standpoint, they can't be beat.
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run lola run
I watch concert DVD's. Works great and meets all of your criteria.
Originally Posted by outlier2
I watch concert DVD's. Works great and meets all of your criteria.
Me too! Cure Trilogy and Gabriel's Growing Up Live are workout staples.

I wouldn't watch pr0n while using an elliptical. You're liable to grab the wrong handle.
Definitely concert DVD's. Some of my favorites for working out are:

1) Nine Inch Nails - gets that blood pounding for an effortless workout. Still my most used DVD after all these years;

2) Led Zeppelin (2 DVD set) - 2nd most used and words can't do justice, but as a bonus you get a good upper body air guitar workout on the treadmill;

3) REM (forgot the title) - lots of up tempo stuff with incredibly bright colors, great sound, etc;

4) Underworld (Everything Everything) - gives you happy feet in a hurry and a shot of heroin for cool down is always optional;

5) Live 8 - various cuts, but I never miss Black Eyed Peas, U2, McCartney, Snoop Dog, Pink Floyd, Madonna;

6) Steely Dan - ah great stuff, great sound - just don't look at the screen, too many closups of Fagen's vampire like bicuspeds;

7) Audioslave - the short one with videos NOT the Live in Cuba disaster;

8) AC/DC - always hated them before, but my kids wanted the DVD and I gotta admit, "Back in Black" and others make for good treadmill;

I tried porn when using the treadmill, but my workout ends to soon resulting in a musky smell in the gym, the police being called...I really don't recommend it. :D
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I recommend watching movies that you've seen so many times that you can recite them word for word in your sleep. In other words, watch a movie that you can divide your concentration between the movie and your workout. I ride my stationary bike to old faves like Wall Street, The Hunt for Red October or Caddy Shack.
porn might get the ol testosterone flowing,and that could be quite useful in a workout,lol.
James Bond is a pretty good set of movies to watch while exercising, can take month or longer to get through all of them.
The Running Man

Running Scared

Chasing Amy

Chariots of Fire

Cannonball Run

and the end of just about any slasher movie.
The Nutty Professor

The Nutty Professor 2

Just Friends

Super Size Me

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalo

Big Mamas House

Big Mamas House 2

Return of the Jedi


Austin Powers

Free Willy

Free Willy 2

Just to name a few to keep your heart pumping and workout going. Think positive! ;)
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