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Recommended LCD's for Football/Sports Broadcasts?

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I watch a lot of sports, and my main concern with LCDs is their ability to display fast-moving images. In stores displaying HD football games I have in fact noticed the pixelating problem on the edges of players. So my question is simple...does anyone have any suggestions for 40-45" LCDs that might be superior for watching football and other sports? It is hard to judge in the stores, since usually their connections and signal are crap.

Stay in the $2000-2500 price range please. :) Thanks!
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I have a JVC LT-40FH96 (FH97 & FN97 are the newer models). I watch a lot of FB and have not noticed any motion artifacts.
Cool, thanks.

No one else has any input? :(
Have a Sharp 37d40u, and no issues with any football images at all. I think as long as you stay below a response time of like 8-10 ms or less you should be good. My Sharp is 6ms, and also has a feature called "quick shoot" which I suppose helps, but wouldn't really know b/c I have never disabled it.
Motion blur is a defect commonly associated with lcd's. Visible pixelation could be a source issue. It can be hard to nail down which is the problem.

Most of the newer lcd's I've seen have no discernable motion blur.
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