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Hi All,

I am in the process of putting together a home theater in my basement on a tight budget (basically just a trial at this point to see if it will work) and I have collected a few items so far to piece this together...

Athena Point 5 package (C.5 center speaker, four S.5 surround speakers and P.5 subwoofer)

Harman/Kardon AVR 347 receiver

Optoma HD65 projector

The space for this home theater is going to be a multi-use room (bar, pool table and home theater) and is a fairly large space at about 625 sq.ft. I am planning on setting up a 7.1 speaker arrangement using the Athenas for the center channel and the surrounds and purchasing some better sounding floor standing speakers for the front left/right channels. With that in mind, I had a couple of questions I was hoping someone here might be able to help me out with...

1. Is it important to "match" the front left/right speakers with the rest of the speakers in the setup. Meaning, will the system sound off if my fronts are better sounding than the center and surround speakers?

2. I also plan to periodically take my projector outside for some outdoor movie watching. I would also like to take my front left/right speakers outside when I do this for a 2-channel movie experience. Since I won't be taking the sub outside with me, I would like these speakers to have some solid low frequency reproduction. I'm assuming this means these will be considered to be "large" speakers. Will my indoor home theater setup sound odd having "large" fronts and "small" center and surround speakers (only 4" drivers, virtually no sound below 70Hz)?

3. Trying to spend $250-$300 for a pair. I'm not averse to buying used speakers (infact, I prefer it if I'm going to get a better sounding speaker). Any suggestions?

4. Also looking for a better sub for this setup. Any recommendations? Should I dispose of the little 8" P.5 sub or connect in parallel with a bigger sub (10" or 12")?



PS - Thanks to everyone in these forums. You guys have helped me out so far without even knowing it just through past threads. The only problem is, every time I read through these forums I feel like I need/want to spend more and more money!

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I would definitely be interested in some floor standing Athenas if I could find them. I was under the assumption that Athena is no longer in business so my only option for buying Athenas is used. As I previously stated, I have nothing against buying used, just the availability isn't very predictable. Do you know of a good place to look for these? Also, I could buy a pair of Polk R50s (dual 6.5" drivers and a tweeter) for this price range. Would these fit the bill (sound decent as a stand alone 2-channel system and work well with the Athenas as a 7.1 system)?

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I am actually located in BC, Canada but I live right on the Canada/US border so I do have a US shipping address as well. There is not a whole lot available locally where I live so I pretty much always order items online. As I mentioned previously, I would really like these speakers to have some decent low end for use as a 2-channel setup (bookshelf speakers are out). Which Athena towers would you recommend for this purpose?

BTW, I am not really set on having only Athenas (although I am under the impression that they offer great sound for your money). I'm open to recommendations from other speaker manufacturers as well.

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Originally Posted by afrogt /forum/post/16944321

The AS-F1 or F2 would have enough bass on their own, especially the F2 with dual 8" drivers.

oh, look here! its your lucky day! AS-F2 pair. Maybe you can negotiate on price.

Vancouver, BC local pickup only. Posted yesterday! hopefully you're somewhat close to East Vancouver.

Thanks for the lead. That is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for apart from the price. Unfortunately he's asking for local pickup only and I live 6 hours out of Vancouver (South Central BC - Kelowna is the closest major center to my location). Still, I may get in touch with him and see if he is willing to compromise on the price and ship them.

NOTE: It is usually significantly cheaper for me to buy used items out of the US and get them shipped than it is to buy used items Canada. Used items in Canada are normally priced much higher (probably because new costs are also much higher).

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I did a quick search on eBay for floor standing speakers under $400 (and finishes that would fit with my other speakers and the room). I short listed them to brands that I had heard of and believed to be of decent quality and in line with what I was imaging and have the following list (sorted by manufacturer):

(all prices are for a pair of towers with shipping included)


H400 - $259.98


AS-F2.2 - $399.99


Connoisseur CF-30 - $399.00

Take TWR - $298.00


Primus P362 - $399.99


Monitor 7 v.2 - $456.61

Polk Audio:

Monitor 50 - $268.99

Monitor 60 - $399.00

R50 - $249.94

RT800 - $314.36

TSi300 - $375.00


Image 5T - $470.00

Wharfedale Diamond:

9.5 Loudspeakers - $279.00

Do any of these sound like better deals than the Athena AS-F2s or do the Athenas still offer the best sound for the money?

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The Advent H400 doesn't have the clarity or brightness of the Athenas. I have the H200 bookshelf speakers in my living room and they wont really mate well with your P.5 speakers.

The Primus P362 is a very good speaker and so is the Paradigm V7.

You're really going to have to get out and listen to these brands. You should be able to find some brands locally so you'll have an idea of their sound.
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