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Recommended tuner cards

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Alright, i'm going to need a tuner code to record DSS. I won't have HD sat so i don't really need a card that does HD, although if it doesn't cost much more, i'll grab it since i will probably get HD sat in a year or two. So which ones are recommended?
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Try the recommandations we do for DScaler http://www.dscaler.org/FAQ.htm However, this is a recommendation based on the requirement of DScaler to use Bt chipset. They are not, and more specifically the cards using it, the best grab cards out there.
Ok i don' t really know anything about tuner cards so i have no idea what you just said :D
DScaler is a program that is capable of using your capture card and Scaling it to fit what ever display device that you want. No matter what card you purchase, you will want to be sure that DScaler can use it (believe me! it is that good!). As far as going from DSS to a tuner card, you have two choices. Go through the tuner, or if your DSS receiver has it (most do) to bypass the tuner and use the S-Video connections. Best quality will definitely be by S-Video.

I am not sure if the DScaler can do recording yet, others can verify that.

As far as card go, 2 cards that are currently seeing lots of threads are the IO/Magic card at CompUSA ($40) and the KBK modified card ($140). The IO/Magic is a decent enough card, but as most capture card are designed for PC Monitor viewing, not Large screen/projector viewing. KBK does modifications to a card that boosts the performance to some say near studio quality. S-Video is the only real option for the KBK card though and be prepared to wait as there is usually a large waiting line (6 weeks?)

Before others jump in here, there is also the SDI thread for really super quality, but it is not cheap and I think DScaler support is only in the works. They also are only now supporting DVD players with DSS in the future.
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Where can i learn more (and possibly buy) the KBK card?
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