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Record from Handycam to Panny EH50 Harddrive

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I took some video on a Sony Hi8 Handycam and now want to record it to the harddrive of the Panny EH50 DVD recorder. However, I'm not sure how to best hook the Handycam up to the DVD recorder to make this transfer.

Here is my current configuration:

Outside Cable to Cable box "In"

Cable box RF "Out" to Panny RF "In"

Panny RF "Out" to VCR RF "In"

VCR RF "Out" to TV UHF/VHF "In"

DVD Player A/V "Out" to Panny A/V "In"

Panny A/V "Out" to TV A/V "In"

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None of those RF connections matter. Just plug the A/V output of the camcorder into an A/V input of the DVD Recorder. S-Video would be preferable to Composite Video (Yellow RCA). Or if both have DV connections (FireWire), use that instead.
Connect the camcorders S-Video and stereo audio outputs to one of the EH50 inputs. My E100 has 3 inputs (L2 on the front and L1, L3 on the back). Use any that you have available, they are all equal quality. If your camcorder doesn't have a S-Video output, use it's composite video output. I see that one of your line inputs is used by your DVD player but you should still have 1 or 2 unused inputs on your EH50.

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