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Record on Windows HD PVR edit in OSX ?

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I have a HD PVR hooked up to a windows 7 HTPC.

I'd like to record using it,

then edit the recordings on the Mac using FCPx or iMovie without doing a lossy conversion.

What format should I record then how to convert to .mov for editing on the Mac?
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Get Macfuse ( its a free plugin) for the mac, that way you can keep the file structure as NTFS, also get Perian (free) to re-wrap the MKV (not transcode) into a .mov

Depending on the PVR in HD you should have an MKV or probably have an MTS file on the drive when recorded.if its an MTS there is also a program called ClipWrap (free) that re-wraps M2TS files or you can try to extract using MKV Tools ( free) to an MP4. You'll still want to run that through 'Compressor' to transcode to ProRes or any of the other FCP-edit-friendly codecs
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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