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Hi guys,

right now I am using Fraps ( http://www.fraps.com/ ) to record my PC games gameplay.

I use a Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 (ST3000DM001) 3Tb which reads & writes 196 Mb/s as my recording disk.

It is quite impressive, since it has SSD speed and HDD capacity - I can truely recommend it.

My CPU is an Intel i7 quad-core at 3,4 Ghz and I have no problems whatsoever recording and playing at the same time.

However, I want to have a hardware solution.

I have been looking for a while now, but I have not found a hardware to match my requirements:

1. I want to capture video & audio footage coming from my monitor (HDMI) at [email protected]

2. I want to be able to store the video in real-time with as little CPU overhead as possible, so ...

2a. either the hardware supports hardware-encoding (which I seriously doubt it can do [email protected] in realtime)

2b. or the hardware support an uncommpressed recording format (8-bit YUV), that I can encode manually later on the PC

and also it is preferably one which support bigfiles, since this 4Gb AVI filesize limit in fraps is annoying.

3. if the device is an external one, it needs to have a sufficient data connection to the PC - obviously USB 2.0 is not enough for [email protected],

but NOT Thunderbolt, since I dont have no support for these ports in my PC and I dont plan to upgrade it to.

Since not a single hardware solution that I know of (no matter what pricetag) can do this, I stick with fraps in the meantime.

If you know of a piece of kit that might fit into my requirements, please drop me an answer.

Thanks for your feedback in advance.

My name is Bracalone.


The closest thing I believe I can get to currently is the Avermedia Live Gamer HD: http://www.avermedia.com/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?Id=571

There is one slight downer, however. Though it supports [email protected] "input", the recorded output is [email protected]
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