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I will outline the problem.

Schedule a recording of a regular (ongoing) show.

Guaranteed: NO

Repeated Recording: YES

Number of Episodes: 3

Let it record the first episode.

Delete the recorded episode.


Change Guaranteed to YES

Repeated Recording: NO (number of episodes = 0)

The shceduled recording will say that it "Has nothing to record at this time".

Result - it will not record the show at all.

Entire recording request must be deleted and renentered.

NOW... from Replay's logic, when you originally set up the multiple recording it sets an internal "start point" for an initial showing that is now over, so when it is changed back to a SINGLE RECORD, it is actually thinking you want to record the first episode only which will not be on again.

(I do not think that the GUARANTEED option is a factor at all in this problem.)

I definitely think this is confusing for the user as a warning should come up telling you that you cannot do this, or better, it should adjust to the next time the show is on and record it. It could also come up with a box that says "This will record XXXXX on Tuesday at X:XX" so you can verify.

What it does right now allows the user to make the mistake way too easily. (I know I have been "caught" by this several times.

If a single recording (changed from a multiple recording) will not work, it should let us know.

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