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recording the osbournes

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i'm trying to get my UTV to record the osbournes at 10:30 every tuesday night ONLY!!!!!

i've tried auto-record, series recording, etc etc. and nothing works perfectly. mind you, that I started from scratch each time.

I think the best results I got was setting up a series record and narrowing the time frame from 8pm-11pm (evening).

this showed "only" 4 upcoming recordings in history.

a very slight nuisance.

has anyone figured if there is a "perfect" solution for a show that has many rebroadcasts of the same episode during the week?
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It is not a "perfect solution", but if you don't delete the episode from MyShows, UTV will not record any rebroadcast of that same episode. (If you look in History, you'll see a message that such-and-such show was not recorded because it has already been recorded). But you have to leave the show in MyShows, even after you watch it. Otherwise UTV sees the deletion and will record it again. I leave the episode in MyShows for a week and then delete it -- obviously this works best for shows with only one episode per week. It takes some getting used to, and it is definately a "work around" method, but it gets the job done.
what about a "keep at most 2 episodes"?
Morttt, I'm with you. I think I keep 2 or 3 shows at most.
If you really can't stand getting a few extra recordings I would do the following. Do a Title search for "The Osbournes" and one touch record just the episodes you want from the search results list. Every two weeks revisit the Title search page, select "The Osbournes" from your "Recent Searches" list (if it is still there) and repeat the process.

While not totally automatic it is a very painless and infrequent task.
I think UTV that pushing delete on the episodes it errontly records would be a lot easier than that.

I also am annoyed at how much the thing records shows it has already recorded. I was hoping the history feature would kill that, but obviously it hasn't.

You could set up a time record and just record from 10:30 to 11:30 on MTV. But if the show ever time shifts you won't get it.
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