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I am beginning to spec out my HTPC and would appreciate some help from those who have already done this!

I have a lot of films on video which I would like to put onto the PC - can I do this? If so,

what software would I need,

what would the quality be like

how much disk space would I need?


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Yes you can transfer your analog and digital video collection to a harddrive.

How large will the files be?

It depends on the quality you wish to obtain. There are quite a bit of factors

to be considered: resolution, audio and video bit rate, audio and video

compression format, etc...

What software AND hardware do you need?

This depends on the input. If you are transferring analog video, you need

a video capture card that has Svideo or component inputs. You could also

use one with RF input but that would be a step back. If your video source

is digital, then use a card with a firewire input. All the video capture cards

come with the software needed to record to harddisk. However, some

software that will be useful is: TMPGEnc (or something like that).

So, having said all this, I have a creative labs digital vcr card and it uses

more or less 2 Gigs per hour of recording (video resolution: 640x480, video

bit rate 6 Mbps, MPEG2, Audio: 384kbps)

There are several cards that do what you want, here are some (not in any

particular order of preference):

pinnacle analog av system 7, io magic pvr, aver tv stereo, dvd bungee,

dazzle video creator v1 and v2, creative digital vcr, ati tv wonder,

ati all-in-wonder video card family, hauppauge wintv, hauppauge pvr.

These are all less than $300.00 There are many others in that price

range, as well as more expensive. I believe none of the ones I have

mentioned have digital inputs. For digital, I believe you just need to get a

firewire card.

Good luck,

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