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Can anyone recommend matching center, surrounds, and a sub for the following setup? I bought big towers for music, but I'm having trouble finding a good matching center channel. My room size is about 20 x 15 in an condo. Room is adjacent to an open dining room and kitchen. I don't mind having overpowering speakers now, since we are also looking for a home right now.

Polk RM50 towers

Onkyo TX-SR805

The options I've seen are the following:

RM302 - appears matched for the speakers, but I can't find this anywhere, except Amazon where it's overpriced

RM202 - smaller speakers, but will this be okay?

Another option is to buy the Polk RM20 system, and use the RM202 as the center, RM201s as the rear surrounds and RM101 as the side surrounds for a 7.1 system. The RM20 package can be purchased for

The RM302 has 4.5" midrange drivers and a 1" tweeter with response of 65Hz - 26kHz. The RM202 has 3.25" drivers and .75" tweeter with a response of 95 Hz - 24 KHz. The RM8 is even smaller 2.5" drivers but a 1.75" tweeter; I don't know the center's response.

The RM50 has 4.5" drivers and a 1" tweeter with a response from 42 Hz-26 Khz.

Thank you for your help.

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