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Hi all. I hope you dont mind, I posted this problem somewhere else but had litle response as this projector isnt as poular in UK. Any help greatly appreciated.

I hope someone can shed some light on this problem. I currently have the Epson TW3000 and have been very happy with it for the past month. However, last night after doing a little calibration I noticed a very obvious red glow from the bottom left corner of the screen. It definitely cant have been there before as it was really obvious. Is this perhaps a convergence problem? I have never done a convergence test as I live by 'ignornace is bliss'. If theres a problem that I cant notice and it wont take away my enjoyment of using the projector thats fine but this will be a problem if its permanent.

Is there a chance that the vertical lens shift Im using could be responsible? It was really noticeable on the main black screen of the ps3 and during scene changes during some trailers I watched. It is a little weird that it happened straight after calibration. Coincidence I guess.

In all other areas the projector is great. I can almost get rid of this problem by turning down the red offset in the rgb menu but it takes a very large cut to do so, very far away from the claibrated figures I came up with using the eye one. I dont see whay I need to compromise. I also used a convergence test pattern with the paragraph of writing in a the center and all corner of the screen. Surprisingly, the text in the problem corner looked no worse than in other places. Stuck with what to do.

I had an online chat with epson support. The guy knew little about projectors but said he could arrange for an engineer to come and repair it at my house. I just can see it being an easy onsite repair.

(This last part is from my experiences last night)

I brought up a standard grey scale pattern using my calibrated settings and noticed there was a definite red tinge over most of the image with that corner the most red. I recalibrated the grey scale again using my laptop and eyeone and got the same figures as last time. How can there be such a red push after I have calibated? Is there a chance that the eye one is not reading correctly and telling me to increase red offset when its not needed? I then turned down the red offset until the greys looked grey, blacks black and whites white. I then put on a few hd clips and the picture looked fine. If I hadnt calibrated, the picture I have now would be fine. I just dont get this. I just want the best from my projector.

Obviously there is a problem with color uniformity as one area is pushing red more than others. What I want to know is, lets say you have a perfectly calibrated display and you decide you decrease the red offset by half. What would you expect to happen to the picture? I ask this as ,after doing this. I cant see that the picture has suffered too much.

Another point to note is that the white google screen looks white all over. Its just blacks. However, with no input signal the black epson screen shows no traces of this red problem. I should note also that I have tried different sources and different cable.

Not sure what to do now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know if epson do send their engineer out, they will turn the red offset down and job done for them.
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