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Red Gun Going In & Out of Convergence

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For some reason my red gun's image keeps jump to the right and then back in convergence over and over. I had the same thing happen with a blue gun on a few occassions, but it only seems to happen once in a while.

What's going on and how can I stop it?

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Well, it would help if you told us what projector you've got...
I've seen this before, it's the lens capacitor, change that out for each tube you are having problems with and all will be fine:)

I have an ECP4500+.

Where could I get a lens capacitor? The problem is gone now. It only happens occassionally, but when it does it doesn't seem to go away until I shut down the CRT for a little bit.
He's pulling your leg on the lens capacitor
What happened to my post in this thread of this afternoon (UK time)? It was post #5.

Did anyone else see it? Deron? My posts keep disappearing for no good reason.....
One of the items I do to my Barco projectors is modify the width board with better quality resistors. Barco used some cheap ones that allow a lot of varation from heat up to cool down. Replace R 100, 200, 300 I beleive on the upper convergance board with the width pots. Also if you have a earlier one the caps need to be changed to 400v

CHances are your H deflection board right under the red tube is bad. I don't have any spares but can probably repair yours.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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