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Red is upgrading cameras to 6K at NAB !
Dragon finally has landed and it's all good news. Things have changed a bit for the better for us too. Notably Red found a way to push out 100fps at 6K from the previous 86fps. The other huge news is that the Dragon upgrade is literally happening right now and upgrades are happening even right on the NAB show floor.

Here's the rundown of the specifications on the upgrade path for both Epic and Scarlet owners:

Epic Upgrade Options:

- Epic-M owners can pre-order the upgrade for $9500

- Early Red adopters can pre-order for $8500 and receive a $1000 store credit when invoiced.

- Epic-X owners can pre-order their upgrade at $9500 today.

- New Epic-M Dragon cameras will be sold for $29K, pre-orders now. Ships after Epic-M owners have had their chance to upgrade.

- Epic-X Dragon cameras will be priced at $24K, shipping and release information unknown at this time.

Scarlet Upgrade Options:

- Trade in your Scarlet-X to upgrade to Epic-X with the Mysterium-X sensor for $9500. Upgrade your Epic-X to Full Epic Dragon for an additional $9500.

- Upgrade the Scarlet-X to Scarlet Dragon for $9500. Scarlet Dragon will be a 5K, 60fps camera.

- Pre-orders for upgrades begin Thursday, upgrades start in July.

- Scarlet Dragon price and availability TBD.

So to be clear, Epic and Scarlet can be upgraded to Dragon.

Dragon will exist in three flavors:

- Epic-M Dragon $29,000

- Epic-X Dragon $24,000

- Scarlet Dragon $????? (at the moment)

Brain Surgery

As I mentioned earlier, Red is upgrading select Epic cameras to Epic Dragon at NAB. Red has built a Class 100 Clean Room as part of their booth and allowed us to witness exactly the process each camera will go through on it's journey to becoming a Dragon. It's really a fascinating thing to observe. I don't know how long I watched, but I came back a few times to see the progress while zipping around through the booth.

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