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Hello All,

I just moved from Denver to Dallas with my 42 in Daewoo plasma. I moved the plasma in the back of my SUV, upright the entire time. Took very good care to make sure it was jostled in any way.

When I got to Dallas and hooked it up, there is a red line from top to bottom about 3/4 the way across the screen from right to left.

I have tried multiple inputs and the line is always there.

In fact the line is there when there is no signal too. This tv has a moving box that says 'no signal' ( kinda like a screen saver ) and when the box moves to the part of the screen where the line is, the red line shows up on the box.

What could be causing this?

Does this sound like something that could be fixed via service menu?

I bought the TV last december so I assume it still has some warrenty left and I intend to look into that but I wanted to know if there is any thing I can do on my own.

Thanks in advance,

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