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Hi I don't post much on here, but I have an issue with my monitor that's starting to drive me nuts and i need some expert advise. The issue is that there is some signal issue that causes red/cyan snow all over the screen if the DVI cable is not sitting just right in the monitor or video card. I have replaced the cable the video card and used all the ports on the monitor and it still happens. So I know its something in the monitor, but I'm looking for a bit of guidance as to what I'm looking for inside ie what board, connection, cable etc. I know no ones probably know exactly but some general information about what usually causes this will really help. I know alot about monitors and know its not the cables or the video card or the ports so please don't tell me to try another cable I've done that 3 times and it still happens.

To clarify the issue a bit more when the snow comes in red comes in first, and will first take over the blacks then move to brighter colors. White seems to be the only color not affected. Cyan also starts taking over if the cable is really out of place. I really don't understand why jiggling the cable makes it works when I replace the cable and it still does it. Replace the video card it still does it. Change the port on the monitor and it still does it, its baffling. Anyway I'm about to tear it apart since theres no warranty on it and want to know what I should be testing for and if a multimeter would help pin it down.

A little back ground on this monitor its a 6 CCFL monitor with an NEC S-IPS panel. 2 DVI ports one D only one DVI-I and one VGA.
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