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red tube of my D50 won´t turn black...

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Hello there!!

I´am new here and got a problem with a tube on my Sony D50:

When i turn on the projector, all tubes shine up and turn into black, excepting the red one.

It will shine the whole time when the projector is switched on, and nothing will change this, for example: it takes no effect to "cutt off" the tube by the service mode, G2 adjustment´s won´t help too.

When i take a look at the picture-surface i can see a lightning field of noise. Yesterday i swapped the tube with an other one -but it´s the same thing so the tube is ok.

When i turn off the prjektor, the red tube will draw werry funny (red :)) circles, they will move from the inside to outside. Sound´s funny, but it looks like the light-tunnel in "Stargate"!!

A few days ago i swapped the neckboard with the green one -brougt no effect, so the neckboard is fine too.

My brightness-control is working. (since i changed six capacitors on the pa-board today, i had the information about to do this from this forum -Thank´s a lot guy´s!!!)

I made a few photo´s of the tube in work, with the "lightning noise" and the "red circles" it will draw when it shut down.

Thank´s for any helping!!

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So, here is the picture of the "light tunnel"

it is hard to make a good photo of this effect, in cause it appears and disappears in seconds...
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Is really no one out there, who can help me to fix this f****n problem???
Swap neck cards between the red tube and one other.

If the problem stays with the tube, it's the tube.

If the problem follows the neck card, it's the neck card.

I think it's G2 circuit related, possibly a G2 short inside the tube.

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I did swap the neck card between red and green and it was the same. And i swapped the tube with an old blue one but and i got the same issue on it.

So the red tube and it´s neck card is alright.

Can the error be perhaps on the pa-board?, like the brightness issue?

Sorry my English´s not the best.

-Isn´t it?

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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