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Let's hope this also puts pricing pressure on digital downloads, or allows Netflix to demonstrate how studios can get higher ARPU by putting new releases up for streaming on their subscription service!

At the same time as Universal is waiting to hear how the Redbox lawsuit turns out, Disney, Lions Gate and Sony have signed deals that help Redbox to get a better deal on movies. The studios have faced that fact that $1 kiosk rentals are here to stay and figure they might as well get something out of the deal. Unlike the deals with the likes of Blockbuster that share rental revenues with the studios, Redbox seems to be simply agreeing to lesser terms like not selling used DVDs at discounted prices. No word on when or if the rest of the studios will get with the program and accept that rental kiosks are here to stay. But it is obvious that $1 seem to be just the right price for most consumers.
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