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Ok I have gotten the go ahead to redesign the basement

game room/Bar to a game room/bar/home theater.

I will be starting in about 2 weeks because I have orders

to finish the exercise room that I had already started before

moving on to the HT project. The room will be used to watch sporting

events, play pool, Wii, PS2, Movies and PC. This forum is fantastic source of infromation and I have done some research but I still have many

questions that I need help with.

Thanks in advance for your help.....

The layout of the room(pictures below) don't mind the mess

around the pool table that is all stuff that was in the exercise

room that I had to clear out: The room currently is 13' wide

by 18' long with 8' ceiling. I plan on knocking down the wall with

the dart board on it (PIC 1) and putting in two rows of

theater seating. Then in PIC 2 I would have some type

of screen on the wall in the area where the red sox banner

is hanging.

So Question 1. Is that two far away for the seating?

The first row would be 18' or 19 ft' form screen and the

second row would be 22' or 23' away.

Question 2. Do you think the pool table will block the

view or be a distraction when watching movies? I put

a chair where the first row of theater seating would be

and it looks like I can see about 62 inches of the wall

from ceiling to 12 inches below Boston red sox banner.

Question 3. Projector screen vs. wall or both. I was

originally planning on painting the wall where the red sox

thing is and displaying the image there. But that is

only 50 inches form shelf to ceiling. So then I was planning

on getting a ceiling mounted projector screen so that I

could avoid dealing with the shelf or painting and have

a bigger display. The problem is the screen would be

in the way if pool was being played. So my final idea

was to do both. For movies use a pull down screen to

maximize size and image quality and then just use the

wall for sporting events while playing pool.

So I guess my question is does that sound like a good idea?

Can I easily change screen size and alignment from

say 100' display to 80 inch display with a ceiling mounted

projector using lens shift and zoom options?

Pic 1:

Pic 2:
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