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Reducing noise from atmospherics/power lines

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Hello all,

OK, a question. I know it is impossible to eliminate noise completely

from power lines or atmospherics that I see on my analog channel

2 here west of Chicago. But can it be reduced by using an inline

filter form the antenna? And would it work in the RG-6 line if I

put it upstream from a powered Channelmaster 7777 preamplifier,

and downstream from the antenna and the non-powered portion

of the amplifier?

The cable company uses something like that to at least reduce some of

the atmospheric "sparklies" seen on VHF. How do they do it? I want

to do it without frying my 7777 by having that device inline. Any

suggestions? Is this the right board to ask thi on? If not, which one?

Thanks for any help!
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There's a whole thread on low VHF in the HD Local Info and Reception Forum. There are a number of threads with specific local low VHF issues. I've never seen an inline solution to the problem posted other than getting the offending channels out of the low VHF band. Any filter than will choke the impulse noise will do the same to the signal. There may be some benefit to stacking 2 identical antennas to narrow the signal acceptance angle thus reducing interference from off axis noise. That may be a lot of work and expense for little benefit though.
Whatever you could do would probably make your house look like a Cable headend.

Best bet is to establish a good working relationship with the tech, at your local power company, who tracks down power-line interference. He can track down bad insulators, and other things, thay cause PLI, and can often help you get problems fixed that are caused by neighbors' stuff as well.

Hopefully, as DTV catches on, and people return to antennas, maybe the average homeowner will appreciate the efforts to clean-up the noise "pollution" we have grown to accept.

As for atmospherics, these things usually require multiple antenna arrays, large towers, phasing systems, etc. If you are going to go to that much trouble, you probably should just incorporate and build your own Cable company for your town :).
Best bet is to establish a good working relationship with the tech, at your local power company, who tracks down power-line interference.
Or else get yourself a pair of bolt cutters and a really well insulated pair of gloves.... ;)

Hey gang,

Thanks for the assistance. Comcast used to use multiple antenna

arrays to minimize this, I believe...but I don't have a 300' tower

to do this. ;-) Ah, well. I'll wait for my VHF channel 3 to head to

channel 11 in a few years (I hope!).
There are some electronic devices to mitigate speckles on analog channels that sell for about $2,000 each. I used to receive sales brochures for them but I never tested one. However they do it would surely decimate the digital data stream that you are striving to preserve.
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