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Hey all!

We have put together a referal program for our existing customers. Here is how it works:

If you are an existing A/V Science customer, all you have to do is refer other new customers to us for their A/V needs. If that person buys from us, we give you cash!! The more people you refer to us, the more cash you can potentially get.

Now the rules:

1. You must be an existing A/V Science customer to be able to refer for cash. Will a new customer who buys something now be eligible? Absolutely!! As long as you have bought something from us recently or in the past, you qualify.

2. The referred customer must be a NEW customer.

3. Here is the breakdown for the money:

$500-$1000 purchase price: You get $25.00 cash!

$1001-$5000 purchase price: You get $50.00 cash!

$5001+ purchase price: You get $100.00 cash!

4. Checks will be mailed 3 weeks after the purchase.

Now it may not seem like a ton of money, but lets say you refer 10 people and they all buy. That is $250 or more cash, in your pocket...for doing almost nothing!!

Note: Should more than 1 person refer the same new customer, it will be up to that new customer to tell us who contacted them first. We determined that this is the way to be most fair to everyone.

Have the new customer contact me for the price quotes.
[email protected]

585-454-1460 ext. 204

NOW START REFERRING!! We want to give you money for crying out loud!! :)

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