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The Project

Just as the prior demonstration disc this project is gear to bring high definition video and audio to bluray players and other type of HTPC or streamers. This disc, as the one before, will consist of individual segments, these segments will fit into a DVD DL media (for those without BD burners). Once all the segments are released then a full BD50 disc will follow. The BD50 will consist of all segments playable through a top menu.

The disc - Reference 2: Blu-Ray Demo Disc is a collaboration disc form AVSForum members; Archaea, Akis2001, Kalani and LastButNotLeast.. Fist off, a huge thank you to everyone involve in this project. It took a lot of work, dedication and time to put this together, so really thank you all.

The disc consists of 6 segments – Visual, bass, music, surround, animation and the new segment, superheroes. Additionally, the disc showcases the Home Theater / TV setup from the contributing members plus a special appearance of Landshark1’s theater. Thanks for sharing your spaces too.

Technical Issues

As we learned with the prior project, BD9s are not compatible with all bluray players, but will play in most of them. I had included an additional index and Movieobject files with the segments discs with the prior project, I had decided not to do this with this project but rather have a “howto” on how to convert the BDMV structure to a AVCHD structure using MuliAVCHD if your player has difficulty playing the BDMV structure. I’ve found that using MultiAVCHD adds to the compatibility of playing BD9s, thus no Index or Movieobject file will be included. I recommend you using MultiAVCHD for maximum BD9 compatibility if your player has any issues playing these discs. The MultiAVCHD option is ONLY is you are using DVD DL media, there has not been any problems reported whatsoever when burned to bluray media.

What’s Needed

We’ve also learned that the most effective way of getting these type of discs out is through torrent. It has been discussed and suggested to use newsgroups. For those that use newsgroups they are welcome to uploaded it(them) there, however, it(they) will be put out via PRIVATE torrents. Thus, you will need a torrent client to download the segments/disc such as utorrent.

The discs are in a compress format, RAR. I’m aware that this is an extra step that might be skipped, nevertheless, I believe that having the disc(s) contained in a RAR alleviates problems with disc structure and conflicts with file/folder resolving structures from different operating systems. Thus, you will need an um-compress software such as WinRAR.

If you are going to burn this to physical media, be it DVD DL or BD50, you would need burning software. The burning software need to be able to use UDF 2.5. An excellent burning software, plus is free, is Imgburn. It can burn to DVD DL, BD50 and/or format and burn BD-RE.

Finally for BD9 compatibility, I found that the best way to accomplish this, if your player won’t play the BD9 directly as a BD disc, is to run the BDMV structure through MultiAVCHD using the reauthoring mode. Thus you would need MultiAVCHD

Getting the Disc(s)

In order to get the disc you would need to have the torrent client and the uncompress software installed.

The next thing would be to download the torrent link to your computer. The torrent link(s) will be available at their corresponding segment posts.

Once you’ve downloaded the torrent link either open that file on your torrent client or simple double click on the torrent link to start the disc download.

Once the download start you will be able to monitor its progress. The speed and how long it takes to download each file is dependent on your internet connection speed as well as how many seeds are available. The more people seeding the file(s) the shorter the download time, so as etiquette to others you should seed at least the same amount of time as it took you to download the files.

Before the files are usable they need to be uncompressed using winRAR or similar software. Once unpacked you can play the disc using your computer, stream the individual clips or burn it to physical media.

- Bass Disc (segment) link can be found on POST #3


Bass Disc Fan Art

- Surround Disc (segment) link can be found on POST #4


Surround Disc Fan Art

- Music Disc (segment) link can be found on POST #5


Music Disc Fan Art

- Visual Disc (segment) link can be found on POST #6


Visual Disc Fan Art

- Animation Disc (segment) link can be found on POST #7


Animation Disc Fan Art

- Superheroes Disc (segment) link can be found on POST #8


Superheroes Disc Fan Art

- Reference 2: Blu-Ray Demo Disc link can be found on POST #9


Reference 2: Blu-Ray Fan Art


Disc Label & Cover (bluray)

Original colored cover

Bluray Box Disc Cover

Original colored label

Full Cover Disc Label

White Bluray Cover

Bluray White Box Cover

White Label

Full white Label

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How Tos

If you are burning the disc(s) to DVD DL or want to use a thumb dirve, the best way we know of to maximize compatibility with most players is to use MultiAVCHD to convert the structure form BDMV to AVCHD.

MultiAVCHD Howto

Once you have downloaded the the disc and unpacked it then you can proceed with MultiAVCHD. MultiAVCHD needs to be installed and working.

Open MultiAVCHD and drag/drop the BDMV folder where you unpacked it into MultiAVCHD main window.

The software will let you know that you are using the re-authoring mode. Just say yes to the prompt.

The software will process the files and will let you know how much space is needed in the left bottom part. I believe this number is wrong, it usually states a much bigger required space than the actual space needed. The space needed is the same as the size of the disc you are processing.

Once it finishes processing you can click the big START button and will let you choose what type of process you want. The two processes we are interested in for these discs are either PS3 or AVCHD. PS3 is used if you want to use an external drive to play the files, while AVCHD is used if youare burning to DVD DL media.

Click the process you want ot use and let the software process the files. This might take awhile depending on your processor.

If yu chose the AVCHD process - Once the software finishes processing the files, navigate to the folder where you MultiAVCHD was installed, under that folder the software created a new folder "AVCHD" , open that folder and you will see a "BDMV" folder. Renamed this folder to "AVCHD" then you can drag this new renamed folder into Imgbrn and burn as normal. Remember that the UDF needs to be 2.5

If you chose the PS3 process - Once it finishes processing you can close MultiAVCHD and go to the folder where is installed. Under this folder you will see a new folder created for the it "BDRA". You need to renamed this folder to "AVCHD". Once renamed copy the files to your external drive. The drive needs to be formatted FAT32. Go test your disc


Imgburn How To


-Open Imgburn and click on the select burn folder or files.

-Open Explorer to where you unpacked your disc files, and navigate to the BMDV folder level.

-Drag and drop the entire folder into imgburn. It is recommended to also include the CERTIFICATE folder, so drag and drop the CERTIFICATE folder into imgburn.

-Go to the Options tab on the right hand side and select UDF 2.5

-Go to the Lable tab on the right had side and type in disc label.

-Go back to the Information tab and click the calculator, this will give you all the information about the disc.

-Once you have a disc loaded and ready to burn the icon will be colored. Click the icon to burn the disc




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Archaea Quote: When superleo asked for some collaboration from the AVSForum community on his new demo disk, I thought it was a great idea! He asked if I'd be willing to choose clips for the bass portion of the new reference demo disk. The bass disk because I spend a lot of time on the bass subforums and am sort of a known article in that realm. Cool - sign me up! This will be fun!
I certainly had several clips in immediately come to mind. Fan favorites and my favorites too - things like How to Train your Dragon - cliff scene, War of the Worlds - pod emergence, Cloverfield - liberty head, Battle LA - one of any number of airship scenes, IronMan - Jericho Missile launch, Flight of the Phoenix - plane crash, Hulk - cop car smash, Master and Commander - ship battle etc. In talking with superleo further I came understand that he wanted to use clips that were previously unused on any of the well known previously released demo discs by ScubaSteve or superleo. He wanted to show new or different material.
Alright! I can dig it! So here were my picks...and why!

Quote: Batman - The Dark Knight Rises - Plane Hijack Scene.
Simply one of the coolest movie openings I've ever seen. I was demoing and cutting new bass demo clips from my BluRay collection one Saturday for several hours. After cutting the clips, I'd then listen to them at near reference volumes to try and make a final selection to recommend for superleo's new bass demo disk. When I got to this clip my wife came downstairs to my theater room and exclaimed 'What are you doing? You've been watching clips all day, the house has been shaking and this clip is the worst of them all! The whole house feels like it's going to fall apart! Dishes are rattling out of the cupboards in the kitchen!!! Can you PLEASE turn it down?' It was at that moment that I knew the Plane Hijack Scene's bass onslaught HAD to be on the new reference bass disk.

Quote: Art of Flight - Alaska
A movie about snowboarding? In a reference bass demo disk? Have you lost mind? Just watch this clip and you'll understand why this is one is a must for a bass disk - - - never mind simply a bass clip - this is one of the best reference clips I've ever seen, and it could be a highlight of several categories! Cinematography is gorgeous, real life snowboarding stunts are straight up insanity, and to top it all off - a monstrously thick bass line from a popular dubstep song. Snow Boarding fan or no, the Red Bull promotional disk Art of Flight is a must have for any home theater hobbyist!

Quote: Hellboy II - Golden Army
An overlooked comic book movie, and certainly not to everyone's taste, but Hellboy II is chock full of bass nearly the entire length of the film. There are several great bass scenes in the movie, but this is one of my favorites. Laden with bass - from the gears grinding in the dwarven workshop machinery to the thunderous ground shaking march of thousands of seemingly unstoppable machines. It just doesn't get much better than this for bass fans.

Quote: Pulse - Server room scene
Hold onto your remote! This track is going to make your sub scream for mercy. Of any of the tracks on this disk, this track would be the one that may potentially damage your equipment. It is the first movie I've actually seen with a warning label on the BluRay package, and a short video warning before the movie noting that the frequencies played back by the film may damage equipment. This track plays into the lowest of the low frequencies. It truly is a litmus test for what makes a top shelf subwoofer. I've personally heard a $10,000 subwoofer system fall flat its face well before reaching reference level playback on this track. Full range speakers without crossover or HPF protection will likely blow drivers. All charlatan subs are going to puff, chuff, bang, fart, or flat out fail on this track. Proceed with caution! This clip is also cool because the mains and surrounds get a chance to go full on hyperactive. If your system can handle it - this clip is a real treat at reference level playback - but that's a BIG if.

Quote: StarWars - The Phantom Menace - Pod Race
Let's be honest. This pod racing scene is really the only reason I'd re-watch this movie. Whoever did sound design for the pod racing was genius! Crank it up to reference and listen to the meaty tactile engine effects of the various imaginative pod racers. The engine warm up scene is one of my all time favorite bass demo scenes. It isn't the lowest, or the loudest, but it's fun and well done in every aspect! This scene sounds good on most any subwoofer!

Quote: Underworld Awakening - Werebeast introduction
Perhaps the devil's very own footsteps were recorded to make this scene? Booming, HEAVY bass footsteps, contrasted by staccato Uzi shots which sound incredible on a well integrated sub! Monster growls and more!!! - this scene has it all. The Underworld Awakening movie is most certainly a five star bass movie, and this is one of my favorite scenes in the flick.

Quote: War Of the Worlds - Plane Crash
A often overlooked scene in a under appreciated movie. War of the Worlds is perhaps THE defining five star bass movie. It couples the highest quality audio mixing and the presence of ridiculously low frequencies - many scenes contain content with frequencies below 10hz. The most famous demo scene is the pod emergence scene which happens near the beginning of the film, but as we are looking for omething new in this demo disk we will demo the lesser known airplane crash scene which is said to be a more 'demanding' scene for a subwoofer workout. After watching a scene like this at reference you might find yourself asking the same thing the little girl asks onscreen: "Are we still alive?"

Quote: X-Men - First Class - On the Beach
Honestly - not one of my favorite scenes -- not that it's a bad clip by any stretch - just that I had several other scenes I'd have preferred to use. However, soooooo many people seem to like this scene. When I polled some of my local Kansas City home theater hobbyist friends and asked which scene just HAD to make it into a new reference demo disk - this was easily the one most commonly requested.So this clip is included as a shout out to my local buds! Luke Kamp, carp, MrSmithers, and stitch1


Bass Disc Fan Art

Bass Disc Link

The "DELETE.TXT" extension needs to be removed before the link can be launched with your torrent client.
A very particular thing to this disc -- once the disc finish downloading and if you inspect the RAR files before attempting to unpacked the files, there is a ".!ut" extension on file 31. Just remove the "!ut" from the file and proceed to unRAR the disc as usual.


Reference 2 Bass FINAL.torrent.DELETE.TXT 17k .TXT file


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The surround segment is a fun one. It blends the use of audio and sound effects to create a sound stage that corresponds and relates to what we are watching. It is incredible how important sound is to a movie, and when done correctly it’s just awesome. For those that like considerable amount of LFE … some of these clips will satisfy.

Cowboys and Aliens – Can you Swim?

A very cool movie that brings together western and science fiction. I enjoyed the movie as a whole and I love this movie for demo material. The “Can You Swim?” clip has excellent sound separation, great sound immersion and awesome sound dynamics. Play it at reference levels, you won’t be disappointed.

Prometheus – Impact Imminent

From engines roaring all around to the emergency sounds; We experience great use of the surround speakers. And then we get debris coming from everywhere. A 7.1 DTS Master Audio surround clip that makes use of every speaker in your system.

Rango – Running from the Hawk

Who could ask for more: a seriously-overmatched accidental hero, a mariachi band in the background, a chase scene running all around your head, and toilet paper. Priceless!

Snow White and The Huntsman – Charging the Castle

The sound effect of the fireballs when they hit the sand and the sand explodes is very impressive. Also the swishing of arrows flying from one side to the other is very defined, plus 7.1 DTS master audio, great clip to demonstrate your surround field.

Fight Club – Car Crash

An older movie, but as far as the use of sound and sound mixing, this film is an innovator in all respects. Although only 5.1 DTS master audio, is still a gem for surround. The sound dynamics are way up there with the best of the best. Great clip, just a word of caution regarding language. I wouldn’t consider this clip to be PG-13, but despite the language this clip (and other scenes from this movie) deserves to be on a demo disc. One of my favorites for sure.

John Carter – Flying Machine Escape

Despite this movie not getting much traction at theaters is a great scifi movie – In my very personal opinion better than some Star Wars. This particular clip has great panning sounds and great sound design overall… another very well designed 7.1 DTS master audio track and this particular clip shows it.

Skyfall 007 – Westminster Subway

An unusual Bond movie, perhaps that’s what it makes it appealing. This movie has several scenes that could had made the surround segment. The subway scene is now a classic. Very good separation and sound dynamics despite its sound track being mixed 5.1 channels. I’m sure this will be one of everyone’s favorites.

Super 8 – Production Value (train crash)

Another great scifi movie. As the quote for the disc scene says – “ The new ‘Go To’ scene for showcasing A/V setups” I have to agree with it. This clip has just a little (a lot) of everything. Instead of me trying to explaining it – just watch it.


Surround Disc Fan Art

Surround Disc Link

The extension "DELETE.TXT" needs to be removed before the link can be launched with your torrent client.

Reference 2 Surround FINAL.torrent.DELETE.TXT 19k .TXT file


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Star Wars - Introduction

Those of us of a certain age will remember the awesome effect of the scrolling text fading into the distance at the opening of Star Wars. At the time, it took a room-full of computers, hours of rendering, and the genius of George Lucas. Today, you can do it on your smartphone, so Leo wisely opted to use just the audio, composed by John Williams, to introduce this section. Hopefully, the collection lives up to the grandeur of its introduction.
Animusic - Pipe Dream

It would be hard to come up with a better way to demonstrate your audio AND video systems. The balls bouncing off the vibraphone fountain into your lap should get your attention.

Eagles - Already Gone

The Farewell 1 Tour HD-DVD was one of my proudest possessions. With the release of the BD in February, the exclusivity is gone, which is bad, but the ability to expose a wider audience to this wonderful collection is very, very good. I selected something up-beat that exhibits some of the group's wonderful harmony.

Trace Adkins - Chrome

A little bit of country, with a sense of humor. The deep vocals will test your crossover point.

Seal - If You Don't Know Me By Now

If you're going to put a little soul into the mix, it's hard to do better than this. Rich background vocals and instrumentals create an intimate atmosphere.

Jero - Jazz Standards

Another of my HD-DVDs, from a set "produced for 3-Dimensional Surround Music Experience." Granted, the video leaves something to be desired, but the synthesized sounds are really incredible and, frankly, this is pretty much the only disc I have in the jazz category. Sue me.

REO Speedwagon - Take It On The Run

Pretty much everything you expect from a live rock band: a good baseline, a guitar solo, and an audience that knows the words. Guess there's still some life left in us old guys after all.

Mamma Mia! - Does Your Mother Know

Yes, it's a silly movie wrapped around a collection of Abba songs. But they're great songs! I selected this cut for the bright colors and choreography as well.

Bach - Concerto 1-6

Since this is my genre of choice, you're stuck with it. Once you see how much the performers are enjoying themselves (and this is the encore, so some of them have been playing for hours), I think you'll enjoy it, too.


Music Fan Art

Reference 2 Music Demo Disc Link

Before launching the link with your torrent client the DELETE.TXT needs to be deleted.

Reference 2 Music FINAL_2.torrent.DELETE.TXT 18k .TXT file


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To me the visual segment is one of the easiest segments to put together. Now, what should we be looking for in this segment you ask? Overall picture quality, shadow detail, realistic skin tones, correct sharpness with-out edge ringing, accurate colors related to the overall movie (consistent color palette) and most importantly genera visual appeal. So, if not all of these qualities are true and present for all the clips in the segment, at least one surly is… General visual appeal.

Extremely Loud and Incredible Close – Search System

This is a great clip for the visual segments. Great colors, lots of different details in clothing textures, skin tones, close ups of faces and objects. Even if you put all that aside, great clip.

The Hunger Games – Entrance of Tributes

This clip can test the gamma on your display and the contrasting dark colors with the bright clothing is very catchy. Lots of detail through out the clip.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – Server Level

Extremely sharp picture quality with out looking digital. Great use of pans and close-ups and plenty of detail through out the clip.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – Countryside Travel

A grayish color pallet through out this clip, but very consistent through out. Even with the softer color pallet we can distinguish the different textures and skin tones, a different clip with different video qualities.

I am Legend – Flashback

An older movie, but deserves to be on a demo disc. Nice video quality overall, this clip has a little bit of everything… dark scenes, lighter scenes, lost of detail etc, etc. Great clip for the visual segment… Plus will keep the bass-heads, action hungry people happy!!!

Looper – Farmhouse

Another great clip that will showcase the visual segment and at the same time will keep you guessing.

The Island – Brain Scan

Not a well know movie but a very entertaining SciFi. Great CGI , the color pallet on this clip is a tad on the high side, but not overdone. Great detail through out the clip.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – International Banking

One of my favorite visual clips, it has every single quality described before, plus being very entertaining clip.


Visual Segment Fan Art

Reference 2 Visual Demo Disc Link

Before you can launch the link with your torrent client the DELETE.TEXT extension needs to be deleted

Reference 2 Visual.torrent.DELETE.TXT 21k .TXT file


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The animation segment was one of the most challenging segments to put together believe it or not. We actually had a hard time deciding which clips to include and which ones to leave out. We could had easily included another 5 clips well worth the reference designation. Is a fun segment with lots of detail and color.

Happy Feet Two – Help to Freedom

Who needs 3D? You'll get dizzy watching the poor bug (bug? does it have a name? shrimp? roach?) trying to get away. And if your white balance is off or your contrast is too high, you'll be sorry.

Some trivia about the bugs: They are actually known as Krill. These small, shrimp-like crustaceans are essentially the fuel that runs the engine of the Earth’s marine ecosystems. Their names are Will and Bill and the voices for these characters were performed by Brad Pitt and Matt Damon … so there you have it - Now we know.

Brave – Breaking Tradition

Great use of surrounds for the fighting. The technical accomplishment was getting her hair to look natural. I have the same problem with mine.

Lorax – River Rescue

I almost got animated sea-sickness, but Chopin's Funeral March had me rolling on the floor, instead.

Madagascar – Circus Performance

All the bright colors and motion will give your display (and your eyeballs) a workout.

Lion King – Circle of Life

Great surround (right out of Planet Earth), wonderful bass (watch out for the elephant!), and beautiful music (that puts the Top 40 version to shame), so, here it is, in the Animation section. If you're not moved by the presentation of the future Lion King, you have no soul.

ParaNorman – Meeting the Dead

Outstanding contrast and use of lighting and shadows. It would be scary if it weren't so funny, or funny if it weren't so scary.

Nemo – At the Dentist

I am NEVER going to tap on a fish tank ever again!

Tin Tin – The Chase

Another selection not for those prone to motion sickness. Great flesh tones for an animated feature.


Animation Fan Art

Reference 2 Animation Demo Disc Link

Before you can launch the link with your torrent cliente the DELETE.TXT extension needs to be removed/deleted

Reference 2 Animation FINAL.torrent.DELETE.TXT 20k .TXT file


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And for the final segment… here you have it folks, the new segment “Superheroes”. This segment was a challenging one; there is so much good material for this category that is hard to choose. Nevertheless I think we did a good job with some very well know scenes and some others not so well known but that are reference quality.

Spider-Man – Toilet Surprise

Spiderman and Doctor Connors (in lizard form) duke it out at the high school. Large crashes and plenty of glass breaking will keep your system working hard, and while typical Spidey levity tickles your funny bone.

Avengers – Taking Offense

The Avengers gather together as massive creatures and alien invaders from another galaxy come through Loki's wormhole to attack our planet. Flawless special effects show off this elite group, battling against a stunning NYC backdrop as huge explosions, gunfire, and crumbling buildings work out your subs, and the story unfolds with hilarious hero quips while these heroes strut their stuff as a full team for the very first time.

Hulk – Is That All You Got?

Hulk mad. Hulk smash Abomination. Abomination not impressed. The city's infrastructure (and insurers) pay a steep price as the two behemoths rumble... Much like your subs.

Kick-Ass – Who Are You?

Kick-Ass takes on his first assignment: Operation Find the Kitty. But a fierce altercation with a group of local thugs, caught on film, really launches this young man's status as a hero, at this key plot moment.

The Dark Knight Rises – You Have the Wrong Animal

Batman is back, chasing down the bad guys on his amazing bat-cycle as the city looks on via the news, while the cops chase down Batman instead of the baddies. But fear not for your hero; you can sit back and enjoy this excellent chase... because the Batman always has a backup plan.

Thor – Through the Monster

Thor travels to Jotunheim to confront the Frost Giants on their home world, accompanied by his brother Loki, childhood friend Sif and the Warriors Three: Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun. A mighty battle ensues as the heroes show off their prowess against the fearsome frost creatures.

X-Men – Calm Your Mind

Young Charles Xavier goes up against another telepath, Emma Frost, as Magneto wreaks his revenge on Sebastian Shaw and his henchmen... and his yacht.

Captain America – Train Assault

Captain America, his friend Bucky Barnes, and his elite team assault a train full of HYDRA soldiers in a daring raid.


Superheroes Fan Art

Reference 2 Superheroes Link

Before you can launch the link with your torrent cliente the DELETE.TXT extension needs to be removed/deleted

Reference 2 Superheroes FINAL.torrent.DELETE.TXT 21k .TXT file


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Reference 2: Blu-Ray Demo Disc

Please note that there are two different ways to get the full disc. One is by downloading the individual segments and then using the "DIY BD50 Disc From Files" template, or download the complete disc from the link.


DIY BD50 Disc From Files

(Contributed and Created by LastButNotLeast)

This file contains the BD structure without the video clips inside the STREAM folder. The STREAM folder contains a list of text files that you replace with the actual clips (.m2ts files) from the individual segments. You MUST have the individual segments discs to use this file.


Download the torrent link and unzip the file

Once unziped launch torrent client and download the template file

Unzip the download to produce the conventional BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders.

Open the STREAM folder. You will see text files such as "00011surround0008" and "00038anima00003." Respectively, they mean "Take file 00008 in the STREAM folder of the Surround disc, rename it 00011, and drop it here," and "Take file 00003 in the STREAM folder of the Animation disc, rename it 00038, and drop it here."

Do this for each text file. Make sure you don't lose, delete or change any of the m2ts files that are already there!

Delete the text files (sort by type or size to make it easier).

Resort by name just to be on the safe side.


Once again, I hope the feedback is positive and the grief minimal.


BD9s 2 BD50 Ref2 Link

BD9s2BD50Ref2.zip.torrent.zip 20k .zip file


Automating the DIY BD9s 2 BD50 Ref2 (Batch Program)

(Contributed and Created by Kalani)


This is a batch (executable) file that will copy and renamed the necessary files from the individual segments discs to create a full BD50 for the Reference 2 disc. You will need to have downloaded the individual segments and the BD9s2BD50Ref2 files first as well as this "Batch-Blend.zip" file in order for this process to work.

All Discs (folders) including the folder crated by BD9s2BD50Ref2 and the folder for this file NEED to be in the same folder.

double click on the "blendbd.bat" file and follow the prompts. You can always stop the process if you are not sure by doing "CRL-C"


Download the "Batch-Blend.zip file"

Unzip the file - this will create a "Reference 2 Blu-Ray Demo Disc" folder and a "blendbd.bat" file

Launch the command line and execute the file.

Batch-Blend file
batch-blend.zip 37k .zip file


Complete Reference 2 BD50

Refenence 2 Blu-Ray Link

RARed_Reference_2_BD50.torrent.DELETE.TXT 115k .TXT file



Compliments of Caper_1; he has taken the time and effort to post the FullBD50 Refernence 2 disc to News-Groups.

Here are the NZB and NFO files for newsgroups. It is still uploading so you may have to wait a few hours for the last few RAR files if you try and download immediately.

This is only for the BD50.

RefDisc2_BD50_NZB.zip 667k .zip file

RefDisc2_NFO.zip 1k .zip file[

Reference 2 Blu-Ray Fan Art


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We are getting the seeders ready stay tuned for the first segment.

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Looking good! Once you put up the torrents I'll start seeding them. I've got a 100/100 line at home so it will surely do some good :-D

Been seeding the "old" disc for just about 2weeks and it's been uploading around 0,5TB of data in that short amount of time.

Keep up the good work guys. Highly appreciated at least for me.

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Subbed, loved the first disc!

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The torrent links will be posted on the "Reserved" posts above. The idea is for a team of 6 or 7 seeders to pre download the segment before it is posted in order to make the download for everyone a little smother.

The preparation for seeding takes 3 to 4 days so the first segment might be ready towards the end of the week. It has not been decided which segment will be released first either.

So there still some unknowns, even for the Reference team disc.

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Any preference for which segment to release first.
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