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Reference Quality Video Clip Files

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I need some reference quality video clips...but the machine being used for playback won't have a DVD drive.

Does anyone know where I can get some video clips files that can be easily played back on this computer? It does have a CD drive, and new software can be installed.

I need some clips that will be the equivalent of the Fifth Element DVD, in regards to evaluating picture quality.

Suggestions welcome!

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Oh, the machine is Win NT 4.0.

I saw a thread here about a Linux MPEG-->TS converter (which looks excellent), but I can't put Linux on this box for other reasons.

Do you have another computer?

If so, on that computer, rip the DVD you want, burn a CD with the .VOB sized the way you want, load WinDVD 3.2 on the target computer, play the VOB through the playlist.

You can convert the (unencrypted) .VOB you want to a .ts (see http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hlight=mpeg2ts ) with a Win computer and use HiPix or ADTV to play it.
You can use a program like FlaskMPEG to open up a .VOB and then edit out the clip that you want. I think that it is possible to save the edited section as an avi file with the same resolution as the original vob.

I wanted to edit together some dvd highlights to make a demo cd, but never really made any progress - would be interested if there are any other suggestions on ways to grab vob selections.

Great suggestions, guys!

Is there anything fairly readily available? I don't mind burning a CD of "reference quality video clips", but I'd rather download something ready to run than spend hours ripping and organizing content.

I like the .VOB or .AVI ideas, though.

Thanks for any more suggestions you might have!

dolby digital sample .vobs


dolby digital/dts/thx sample .vobs


That's about all I could find.
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The Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG) keeps reference images also.
ftp://ftp.crc.ca/pub/crc/vqeg located in the testsequences directory, its the standard most are compared to for patents.

I can't seem to get into that web site.

What I really would love is this:

* A Lots of good skin tones, low/med/high contrast scenes, good depth shots, excellent colors, etc., etc.

Does any one know if it is possible to get this somehow? I do own (multiple copies) of the Fifth Element DVD, but all I've been able to get is a huge (0.99 GB) .VOB file containing much more than I want and in Spanish when played back.

Plus, being over 650 MB, I can't transfer it to the destination machine anyway. Is there a "VOB Editor" that will allow me to return the English language to the file, and chop out the parts I don't want?


(PS - I didn't realize how difficult a request this was!!)
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how can I log on to this server?

is it free?
Originally posted by chemmajik
The Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG) keeps reference images also.
ftp://ftp.crc.ca/pub/crc/vqeg located in the testsequences directory, its the standard most are compared to for patents.
I connected to this site and there are many large files with a .YUV extension, how does one play these?
I use a utility called VOB splitter. You can find it on doom9. It'll split any unencrypted vob file (post rip) into multiple smaller files. Its counterpart, VOB merger, will stitch many smaller vobs into 1 large vob.

Why don't you just rip the chapters of The Fifth Element you want (Smartripper), and use Stream Processing to only rip the audio track you want, then burn? You should be able to get exactly what you want in less time than it takes to download a large file.

I'm sorry I don't know how they play them I just know they use them. http://www.its.bldrdoc.gov/vqeg/ is there main page. A thumbnails page http://media.xiph.org/vqeg/TestSequences/ThumbNails/ I'll see if I can dig up somemore info, I have a slow connections so 174M sequences is beyond me. Transport Stream file format
Thanks, chemmajik,

That looks promising, but I can't even find out how to download them...much less play them. Any pointers?


use a ftp program such as bullet proof ftp. Enter "ftp.crc.ca" in the site address field and "/pub/crc/vqeg/TestSequences" in the initial remote directory field.

p.s. thanks chemmajik for the reply...
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