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Refurb DVD-5900, 2900, & 2200's available!

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Due in from Denon on Friday from ecost.com. They are taking orders now. I ordered a 5900 last night, but got cold feet after I slept on it. I switched my order to a 2900. The players are due in on 6/4/04 (this Friday)! It seems like these refurbs are pretty safe bets, from what I have read anyway. Good luck. :cool:
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Very tempting, but I'm very paranoid. Should I be? Why or why not?
Do a search for ecost in this forum. TONS of people have bought refurb 3800, 1600, 2200, & 2900's with favorable results. Ecost is an authorized Denon etailer, and Denon will honor the 90 day warranty. You can get a 2 year extended warranty for $79. Free shipping & no tax either (most states). I am selling my DVD-1600, XP50, & RP91. My replacements will be a Denon DVD-2900 for my main HT, and I already have a Zenith 318 for my bedroom system (GWIII).

That's uh...pretty amazing.

When something is refurbished, what exactly does that mean?
Gotta say, great prices. For me even a 910 would've been sufficient. But now, I am looking into a DVI player....only 5900 has that feature but is too expensive. Maybe Im just a Samsung/Momistu/Bravo person due to the cost.
The 5900 at $1000, though, is a different animal that's for sure. That's starting to come within reach...

I'd love to know the real differences between the 2900 and the 5900...
Yup, that's about the only discernable difference, besides size, that I see...
I can't find the 5900 on the ecost website. I searched under 5900, denon, refurb, and then did a category search. Is there some secret location I don't know, or did they sell out on the pre-order (and therefore took it down).

All I did was put "Denon 5900" in the search and...voila! I swear! ;)
Whelp, it's not that I doubt you, but try it now. This is what I get:

No Results Found

Your search for Denon 5900 did not return any records. Please check spelling and try again!
sgunn: You're right. I did see the Denon 5900 on the website this morning but cannot find it now. Perhaps they're sold out of their stock or something. Why don't you call them and ask them.
I just called and asked about the 2200. Not in stock, expected on the 23rd.
It's GONE. I periodically search for "Denon" at ecost looking for a 2900 refurb. That's how I saw all the players last night & this morning. I still see 2900, 3800, & 2200's. They also have AVR-5803's.
OK, so I'm intrigued by the 2900's price. :) But does it come with latest firmware, etc?
Ecost took the Denon 5900 down. Heh. Interesting. It was there earlier today...promise!
I was on the waiting list for over a month for a Denon 2900 refurb from ecost. Last week they said they shipped it and I ended up receiving a Denon 2800. Pretty annoying.

Their website shows both the 2900 and the 2800. Sounds like an honest mistake.

By the way, how does it play??
OK, so I'm intrigued by the 2900's price. But does it come with latest firmware, etc?
I wouldn't worry about the firmware. The firmware is available for download at audioholics.com.

I noticed the 2900 is gone this morning. There are 2200's, as well as 3800's left. I BETTER NOT GET A 2800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is the price for 5900 at eCost when they have it in stock?

Thanx, SM.
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