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Refurbished 4805 Poll

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I have been debating a lot about getting a 4805 referb. Seems like they are bit more expensive now than they were 6 months ago during the black friday sales (Oh well - I was a bit more strapped for cash then as well - so it does not matter)

Anyways - people have been using thier Refurbs for a while now and I though I would post a poll to see what people think about how well they are working
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I have purchas3ed several refurbs in the past like power amps dvd players and an Epson projector and they always worked fine for me.
Im on my third in less than 6 months.

First one i bought in under 10hrs of use i got a white line that ran vertically, it was about 30 pixels wide.

Second one the Component inputs didnt work.

The third one they finally got it right.

im happy with it now. just crossing my fingers it doesnt break again.
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Thanks for taking part in the poll. Nice to see that not one person so far (out of 9) has had to send their 4805 refurb back after the warrenty expired.

Most people seem happy with the 4805, and it fits within my price range. Since I saw the first sharp projection TV's over a decade ago I have wanted one. Now that it's cheap enough for me to afford maybe it's time to give it a try...
I bought my 4805 new and we love it...2 of my relatives bought refurbs over 6 months ago and to date not one problem. Go for it! Enjoy ;)
I've not had any problems with mine over the past 7 months or so since I got it.
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