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Regarding Input Lag - VIErA TH-L37S10A 37"(94cm)

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Hello people

I plan on buying the Panasonic VIERA 37" TH-L37S10A LCD TV -

I will mostly be using it for video games (ps3,360), but will also be watching movies and will be sitting approx 2m - 3m away. Firstly 37" big enough for that distance away?

Second, since I'll be gaming on it, anyone with any experience with this particular model or similar, in regards to Input lag?

The last thing I want to do is get it and find out that it has very bad input lag.

Advice would be appreciated
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Not sure about the S10 series, but my L37G10 has no input lag at all when in Game mode and virtually no input lag in any other mode. It's a great TV for gaming. I'm using mine for a PC monitor as well, so I'm only sitting 750mm away but I'd say at 2m it would be fine
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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