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Any attempt I make to playback AVC content after reinstalling my System through Zomm Player 7 results in the error:

"Could not find a suitable Decoder for "[Source File: Smart Play Graph].Video"



Now when this happens it will fall back to a standard graph, which contains:

Haali Media Splitter, MPA Decoder Filter, ffdshow Video Decoder, ffdshow audio, ...

Now since the Source is an MKV file:

Video Stream: AVC

Audio Stream: AAC

test stream: ASS

I know that ZP should be working with smart play as the

AAC decoder is ffdshow audio

AVC decoder is ffdshow video

AAC Spliter is AAC Parser

Matroska source is haali Media Splitter 9filter is also checked)

Matrroska filter is unset

Which matches closely with what is being auto selected, but not exactly as the MPA Decoder Filter is an unknown, since there is no reason why it should be loading that I can work out, unless it is used because AC#filter requires it to place AAC content (which seems possible).

The real issue is the subtype 31564343-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71 error, since subtype 31564343-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71 which based on research seems to be H.264 Content its as if nothing is able to by default connect to the H.264 decoder, even though I have tried ffdshow (which is used by the fall back) and CoreAVC 2.0, DIVX 7.1 decoder and the Mainconcept H.264 decoder all of which are present on this system.

Any idea what could be wrong, I had basically the exact same setup working prior to reinstalling the system.


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Found the fix:


This is the result of some new Haali Option on the splitter that is shipping with Core AVC 2.0, under output set "Use custom media types for H.264" to No the default is Yes and then this issue goes away.

Thought I was losing my mind there :)

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