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I have two REL storm III's for L /R stereo and a velodyne for .1 LFE.

I have a Lexicon MC-12 and it had stereo subs out in addition to .1 LFE

I purchased a new pre/pro that does not have stereo subs out.

I tried the normal way from the Manual and get nothing but HUM in both units.

I tried changing the input from hi balanced to low balanced, the only difference is that one unit hummed at the half way mark instead of immediately when turning on the volume.

This is what I did:


Attached the Black wire to a chassis screw, each unit to a separate screw.


Attach the red wire to the red positive of the main front speaker.

one unit to the left front speaker and the other REL to the right front speaker that connects to the amp.


Attach the yellow to the black of the front main left speaker and the other REL yellow wire to the right front main black wire that connects to the amp.

Some notes:

(A) the fronts are bi-wired so that the red and black REL wire wraps around the two wires : Rel red twisted around the red high and low red wires.


The REL wire comes with a 1" inch bare wire exposed about 4 inches below the protective cover, that is what I used to wrap around rather then splice new wire.

While I can not see where not splicing new wire or the bi-wire having an effect ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.


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My Rel amp instructions say that the yellow wire should be connected to the Left speaker + terminal. The red wire goes to the Right speaker + terminal and the black goes to either - terminal or the amplifer chassis ground. Try moving your yellow wires to the Left + terminals.
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