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Originally Posted by ZozoA320  /t/1466568/relation-between-preamp-and-subwoofer#post_23160867

From what you say, i understood there is a relation between the preamp and subwoofer or why we hook up the subwoofer to preamp. Many thanks my friends

Hi and welcome.

Here's a briefing for you on captioned subject.

An AVR (Audio-Video-Receiver) of today will always have power amplifiers "on-board" for all the speakers (sometimes also called satellites) in your system, but will only have a pre-out (so called line-level output) for subwoofers becasue subwoofers of today are built with so-called plate amps, i.e. a separate power amplifier inside the box of the sub referred to as active subwoofers (amp + driver in the same box).

The simple reason is that most of the time the plate amps will have a relatively higher power output than the AVRs have for the individual speakers, coz it takes a lot more energy to produce deep and loud bass with drivers having a diameter of 12-15-18" than it takes for the higher spectrum speakers.

Hope this helps.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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