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The HDMI board of my Onkyo is failing and the repair would cost € 300 - 400 or half of the original value of the equipment. Hence I am planning to make my kids happy with a great stereo amp and spoil myself too.

Im still happy with the sound of the Onkyo, but any improvement is always welcom. And I used to own a NAD stereo amp that sounded was really superbly. But the reviews on current NAD receivers are not that positive and the price are not reasonable.

My needs:

- power JLB LS 80 front, LS Center en LS 40 rear. NO sub-woofer.

- power 2 small B&W speakers in Zone 2.

- provide image to HD flatscreen.

- support all high end audio and video formats: DTS-HD Master ...

- reliable HDCP

Would be great:

- Powered Zone 2 also for digital inputs (not possible on Onkyo TX-SR806)

- Network connection, airplay ... .

- 4K ready

- separated pre- and power amp.


- all genres with a preference for jazz. Rock, classical and opera are equally appreciated.

- movies and tv-series.

Thank you very much in advance for your suggestions and experience,

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