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REMEMBER THE TITANS on ABC 9/27 - lip synch?

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Just tuned into this movie on ABC tonight. I notice it's not OAR.

Otherwise I see that there is a pretty noticeable lip synch problem on the digital sound. About a half-second delay. This was during the lockerroom sequence where they're singing "Ain't No Mountain ..." I switched to the analog broadcast on another TV and it seems fine.

Anybody else seeing this? Or maybe it's a local issue. I'm watching on Comcast HD (near Pittsburgh, channel 780).
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Checked in during halftime of the game I was watching. No lip sync problems from 9:15 to 9:25.
Haven't seen any lip synch problems here.
NO lip sync or any other audio problems OTA in Sacramento.
No lip synch issues here though I've noticed that here the local affiliate hasn't been changing back to 2 channel DD for the local commercial inserts which I think is helping keep the Dolby locked in correctly for sync.
did anyone else notice that deleted scenes from the dvd were put in the abc broadcast? there were some extra scenes from the interactions in the dorms of the black and white players and they also showed "sunshine" talking to the different school with his dad. interesting eh?
I found it interesting that RTT was originally a 2.35:1 theatrical release that was "panned and scanned" to 1.85:1 for widescreen television presentation.

While that's (unfortunately) not all that uncommon, what was interesting is that there was one point in the film where the aspect ratio reverted to 2.35:1. I can't remember the specifics of the scene, but the there was a 4x3 primary image, flanked by smaller images on the sides, with black bars above and below. Presumably this is the way the original scene for film was composed and there was no way to "p&s" the scene without leaving only tiny slivers of the images on the periphery.

So the only reasonable solution was to show the original AR.

Maybe this happens in other "p&s" presentations, but it's the first time I can recall noticing it.
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ABC advertised that they would include never before seen scenes in their broadcast. Darned if they didn't. Although it was not presented in the OAR it was a very good transfer. This was a great inspirational true story! I'm surprised it wasn't more popular.
Probably the reason ABC added deleted scenes was so they could pad the time slot and show more commercials.

The PQ was kind of soft. The 16:9 frame also squeezed the original 2.35 widescreen, making it look a little claustrophobic.
Looked good Via WCPO-DT Cincinnati(DD 2.0)+WDTN-DT Dayton(DD 5.1) -- I didn't notice any Lip Synch problems. WDTN-DT was dropping a couple of frames every now and then, they might have been adjusting for A/V synch.

I would have liked to have seen it OAR though. I Didn't really notice any squeezing though, looked like P&S to me.

I have the same audio issue in Baldwin. I have contacted WTAE, because I believe it is their issue. I assume this because I have an OTA box as well and the audio is off there as well. I have been talking with the Director of Engineering, Dave, over there, please email him and let him know the issue (check your Private Messages for his email).

He said one other person has contacted him already and I was the second. The more people that contact them, then maybe it will get resolved faster.

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