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Remnant Arcsoft files cause page fault blue screen with Windows 10 updates

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Just a PSA for others here:

If you used to have or currently have Arcsoft TMT installed on a Windows 10 PC, attempting to run the latest Windows updates may result in update failure and a blue screen page fault error.

Seems 2 driver files, ArcSec.sys, and ArcCtrl.sys can be left over after uninstall

Following the instructions to delete both fixes the issue, and Windows updates can proceed

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Thanks for this!

We have 4 Haswell-based PCs at our house and two of them failed to install KB4517389. The two that failed are on Z87/Z97 motherboards with overclocked CPUs and RAM. The two that successfully updated are on B85 and H97 boards so I thought the page fault error might have something to do with the overclocked RAM. That wasn't the problem. Deleting ArcCtrl.sys fixed it.
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