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Issue: I have a Macbook with a USB cable to a DAC that works fine. However, I frequently want to listen to music from Spotify while still hearing OS sounds on my Mac (message alerts, audio from websites / youtube, etc.) Also, I would like to put my 2.1 setup further away from the Mac but still have high quality connection to the DAC music (and therefore not have a 50' USB connection). I listen primarily to Spotify with a few HQ Flac files thrown in every once in a while.

Some solutions I've come across:

The HQ option, it seems, would be just buy something like a Mac Mini and put Spotify, FLAC files on it, run Spotify from any computer (such as my office Mac), play from the Spotify app on the Mini, and achieve the goal. However, that seems like there'd be an easier way to achieve the goal. You'd have to remote in from time to time, upgrade Spotify. Ditto for connecting to a local player to play the FLAC files.

I thought about using AppleTV (latest version) but my limited research seems to point at AirPlay limiting audio playback fidelity to a good bit below what I'm doing with USB (24 bit / 192khz). Still the Apple TV has optical/USB/HDMI out's... Surely, it seems, one of those is capable of audio quality at 24 bit or above...


Anybody have a clean, simple way to remotely play files yet still get at least 24 bit audio via USB into a DAC?
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