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Remote code numbers?

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I need remote codes for Westinghouse TV Model SK-26H520S, Viewsonic TV Model H3251W and Viewsonic TV Model N3760W--all to work with EchoStar Technologies Corp. "5.0 IR and 6.0 IR/UHF PRO remotes.

I haven't purchased the Westinghouse yet and what I hear from here, will determine if I do or not. The Viewsonics I have for over a year now and I for sure am not buying another one that is not in the "Universal remote code group".
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Try the philips tv codes for the viewsonic tv, and if you're lucky the westinghouse will respond to the Sony tv codes.
Edmund, the Philips codes didn't work on the Viewsonics.
Like I said, I am not buying the Westinghouse until I know it works with the codes. With your comment of--"if you're lucky the Westinghouse will respond to the Sony tv codes". I guess I am not willing to spend $600 to find out. Thanks for your suggestions.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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