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So for Christmas I got a Harmony 670 and thought I would love it but when I got it out I hated the way it felt in my hand with the channel button. My parents currently have the 550 and that slim sleek design is really nice. So I'm returning then 670 but don't know if I should step down to the 550...or try something else.

So what other brand options to I have of universal remotes?

What are the best brands?

I want something around $150.

And I defiantly need it to have macros, thats the reason I asked for one of the Harmony remotes. I'm a college student with a lot of ambition to gradually keep upgrading my system So I don't know if I should just go with the 550 or get something high end...I guess when I got serious I would be converting to RF anyways.

Right now I'm thinking about just doing the 550, but if anybody can make me change my mind and get a better bang for my buck for another brand let me know. I may just use the extra money to put together a PVR.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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