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Remote control over E-net

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Anyone know of an easy, inexpensive way to distribute IR remote control over e-net so I can control devices in far off rooms.

I have multiple coax feeds between the rooms and have ethernet at both locations, so I would like to just pack up the remote control signals and ship them over the network to the over room. I'm thinking I can get IR to serial converter and then serial to IP converter but I would actually prefer a signal small box with transceives IR and sends/receives IP over the e-net.


I am currently using a Xantech product that puts the signal on the coax, but this has been a little problematic, and I would like to have the flexibility of send the remote signals over the e-net anyway...

Actually, I would also really like to also distribute the video over the e-net; something like what the Skip Jam is purported to be able to do. But I haven't actually seen or heard of these actually in use....
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I am not aware of a simple inexpensive device/box that sends the IR over tcp/ip.

But since you mention about video distribution over ethernet, I came across this:


It will send the IR signals but is sort of overkill if that is all you are looking for.
take a look at www.globalcache.com they have a box that runs on the network and has ir and 232 connections on it, it uses a 3rd party software to control it

this will give you an idea how it works
Glack - thanks, that's the type of device I was talking about. Now we'll see if they are actually delivering product.

Has anyone out there used these?
Yes, I've been using a couple Globalcache GC-100 boxes to control IR and serial for almost 2 years. They generally work great for IR and serial *output* from my computer to A/V devices distributed around the house. In my case, I'm using Premise home automation software to control them, but there are lots of apps that work with these boxes.

The only real problem I ever had was using them for IR *input* to a computer, with the optional GC-IRE adapter, and a GC-CGX cable to interface to a Xantech IR receiver & distribution block. The first time I hooked up the input to one of the IR ports, something went wrong and it fried that IR port. GlobalCache promptly replaced the box under warranty, and after that it worked fine.

One slight disappointment was that Globalcache originally promised expansion modules for their 12" and 18" boxes, but those are still vaporware, AFAIK.

On the whole, I'd definitely recommend the product...

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I have a GC100-12 at home that I am playing with, I am located several miles from them and in contact with them from time to time.

I havent had a ton of time to actually sit down undisturbed and work with the box in detail but I do have it online and controlled by a crestron processor over ethernet as well as a few commands on computer software
 Check this one out . I should have looked into this a little closer but I forgot about it. I'm not sure of the details, but read away.
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