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remote controled dimmer with a twist...

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No this is not a drink.....

I have a question for a friend... Is anyone aware of a remote control dimmer (similar to the Lutron Spacer) that can be on one side of a two switch lighting system. I forget the terminology for this. Basically a switch at the stairs, and another switch at the back door, of a basement, both controlling the same "bank" of lights. He needs (wants) to change out the switch by the basement door to a remote dimmer. Dimmers to do this are easy to find, remote control ones, apparently not.

Any help in the way of manufacture and make would be great!
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You can use the Lutron Spacer System Remote control dimmer for a multi location setup, but the other needs to be a lutron accessory dimmer..

Thats according to my Lutron Residential Lighting Controls catalog..
If you use an X10 dimmer it can respond to any number of wall switch controllers. You can find them at :


www.x10.com also sells X10 equipment, but I didn't see in-line recievers in a quick search of their site. In my experience they are usually a bit cheaper than smarthome.
I just purchased an X10 3 way dimmer (WS467) it comes with an X10 controlled dimmer and a slave switch. I also purchased a 5 in 1 remote that controls the audio/video using IR and the X10 using RF. You install the master near where you are sitting and the slave at the other end. It responds to all on/off, just that bank of lights on/off as well as dim and brighten. Check eBay, both pieces were well under $30 shipped.
Not a "bump"... I just wanted to say thanks to those that assisted. The info you provided was sent along to my co-worker.
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