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Remote Desktop Woes

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I am using my computer to control everything as most of you are. I am running remote Desktop so that I can access my music program from downstairs to play audio throughout the house.

The problem is when I go back up to watch a movie, after the remote does all of it's magic, I have to log back in as the downstairs computer kicked me off as administrator. It isn't that big a deal for me, but my wife hates it.

Does anyone know of a better way to do this so I am always logged in upstairs but can control the music program from downstairs. TIA.

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Just a suggestion, you might want to try VNC from realvnc.com as the remote desktop server/client. It is free to download. I have used both MS remote desktop and VNC, and VNC looks like it is less picky about login and control of the screen. Worth a try...
I will give it a try and let you know what happens. thanks for the idea.

The last time I tried another type of "remote desktop", the sound card wouldn't work remotely and when the computer went to standby I could not wake it up from downstairs.

Any other suggestions from anybody else would be appreciated. Thanks

I too am having woes with Remote Desktop. Scenario exactly as AceMT except I find that playing a movie on the "server" computer (the one I connected to), the scree fills with random colored blotches and then the system hangs. A reboot brings it back to life, but this is very inconvenient!

Anyone else have this problem?


Your problem has been mentioned several times, so apparently you are not alone. The common recommendation seems to be ThinSoft's WinConnect Server XP - which will allow multiple RDC connections w/out locking the main console. Try a search for "Thinsoft" so you can see what others have said regarding this.

Thanks, but thinsoft was the program I tried, and had other problems with. I couldn't ever get the soundcard to be recognised for some reason, worked well with "xp remote desktop".

Just installed realVnc, as suggested, and so far it is incredible. Still tweaking but it seems to be the fix I was looking for, and it's free. The only hassle I see is that it doesn't let you login automatically with your password, in other words you have to enter it every time. Not that big of a deal. I will post a follow up in a few days after messing with it some more.


I don't remember if RealVNC supported it, but you can store a password in the connection shortcut with UltraVNC. UltraVNC is a open-source derivative of the VNC client, available at www.ultravnc.com or via the UltraVNC page at Sourceforge. To store a password in the connection shortcut, you must choose 'Save connection info as...' from the viewer menu. When saving the file, UltraVNC asks if you want to save the password as well. It works well for me, but be aware that I only recommend this on machines within your local LAN. The password is stored using simple encryption, and as such could be easily compromised.

Good luck....
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