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currently I'm using Girder, Netremote, Usb-uirt, HTPC, Uverse, PS3, Xbox360, projector, plasma, and Insteon.

I'm looking for one main "remote" thingy to control everything. My plans were to use Netremote with some tablet. Unfortunately Netremote works with Windows Mobile (have a few phones) WinCE 5.0 (have 6.0 device) and Windows OS(all pc's are windows). I'm about to buy the new HP slate 500 ($800) or the new Dell Duo and use one of these as my main control but I was wondering if there's any other solutions. I have a server that runs 24x7 with static ip's (available anywhere) and the HTPC is usually sleeping. Netremote seems a pain to program as it sometimes errors and i have to start from my last backup. Girder has a webserver but I'd like to stay away from web based as i'd like something to cover 100% of the screen and only be able to exit if I click on an exit button on the screen.

Idea is something to interface with Insteon, PC's and IR so I can have buttons like "away" and it'll shutdown all pc's (except server), turn off all lights, and turn off all IR equipment (TV's, Recievers and such).

Any suggestions?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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