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Hello, I have asked around about which way to go for my centralized video distribution. Concensous is RF to IR for cetralized, IR for local (TV). I am building a house, I have no big equiptment purchased asides from my current reciever, and one apple TV3. Here is a breakdown

Current Items:

TVs: 46"/40" Samsung LCDs (1080/60, nothing fancy)

Apple TV3

Bell 9241 PVR

Future plans:

2 Bell 9241

2 Apple TV

4x4 Matrix HDbaseT (thinking this is the route I wanna go but nothing selected)

4 TVs, but prewire to rooms for 8 TVs (not using them all obviously)

Theater will house localized BD etc.

I am planning wiring, and want to know what to run, wasnt sure, but the concenous is doing RF to IR, and using local IR for TVs.

So what remote is recommended? Im not looking to spend a ton, wondering what works well, and without issue. I dont see myself using complex macros, just turn on TV, search the guide, or switch input, and use the apple TV to watch media from server, or youtube.

I also dont know what is recommended for RF to IR recievers, Or IR emitters.

Thanks guys and gals.
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