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Remote IR Issue with Directv (HR44/700)

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I recently moved my electronics from the main viewing area to rack system located in another room. All the components worked fine with my Harmony remote when I did not have to remotely control them.

I am using the following to pass the IR signal from the universal remote (Harmony 700) to the components in the rack.

Cmple - IR Repeater Wall Plate Sensor Receivers Dual Frequency
Sewell BlastIR SW-29311 Infrared (IR)
Emitters: the ones that come with the SW-29311 kit

My Marantz pre-amp and Nvidia Shield works fine, no delays, no lost commands but the Directv (HR44/700) box is giving me all kinds of grief. At best, 1 out of 3/4 commands work. The IR receiver status indicator lights up on the wall indicating the signal has been received but nothing happens at the box. I have video recorded the transmitter and can see the signal being broadcast at the Directv box.

When I can get it to work, it usually requires the remote be aimed way off target of the receiver on the wall. The other components do not require this, I can point directly to the receiver and it works fine.

It appears the IR receiver on the Dtv box is just to the right of Directv logo. I have tried using the emitter directly over this IR receiver, just to the right of it and all the way on the right side of the box. A hack I have read about and tried was covering the receiver window with painters tape then placing the emitter on the tape but it failed also.

On a Genie remote, I use a Mono Price HDMI IR solution that works great but when I tried to use just their emitter through the Sewell it failed to control anything. I did notice that the Mono Price had what a appeared to be a stereo plug that fit into the BlastIR while the stock BlastIR plugs appeared to be mono. Not sure if this was causing the issue or not.

Really don't want to run back and forth to the room with the rack just to change the channel. Any suggestions that might resolve this? Do I need a different emitter? Could the issue be the signal from the remote is flooding the receiver? Is there some way to determine why so many commands are being lost?

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Resolved: Moved the stupid emitter back six inches from the front of the stupid Directv box now everything works just fine....
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