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Remote out-of-control madness!

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I'm having remote power-on issues.

I have

Panasonic GT-25 plasma

Pioneer VSX 30 Elite

Scientific Atlanta 8300 HD cable box

everything is run through the reciever (HDMI)

(we'll leave the Panny BD player and Sony 5-disc out of this as they seem uneffected)

It's confusing the heck out of me, these commands are all via the particular unit's remote...

Power on the reciever, then power on the TV and it shuts off the reciever

Turn the reciever back on and it shuts off the TV,

shut off the cable box and it turns on the TV and reciever!

I've never seen anything like this, can you give me some clues as to what the heck is going on here?

It's frustrating to get them all on as well as I don't like what this asks of the power supplies, particularly the TV!


As an aside, I have a Harmony 700 and have programmed it via the website and it appears to do NOTHING in terms of powering up the system
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Turn off any HDMI CEC link settings on your TV and receiver. Those will drive you crazy if you are trying to use a universal remote.
I will look for those settings.

These issues are with the proprietary remotes, I haven't really approached using the Harmony yet.

Although with each remote able to learn, those setting may be responsible?

Anyone else have this experience as described? and how you resolved it?
What it sounds like, you have the HDMI CEC turned on.

When you turn on one, the CEC turns on the next and before it has a chance to respond, you've already sent a signal for it AGAIN, which the AGAIN is to turn it off...which in turn, turns everything else back off.

If you've "messed up" the CEC(by pressing the power buttons too many times) you can get the separate on and offs.
I'm following. Thanks.

Will look into it tonight.
CEC is Consumer Electronics Control...


Panasonic Viera link

Samsung Simplay

Every manufacturer has it...and it sucks.

CEC was "supposed to be" the way to connect an HDMI to the TV, then you could hide everything else(that was also included in the HDMI chain) in a closet, the next room...whatever. The problem is, CEC(as a "directive") has implementation holes in it large enough to drive a Mack truck through it.

CEC snafu's(just a couple)...

DVR's(from everybody) seldom have a "true powered down" state. Meaning if you turn on the "auto power" feature in your TV...it won't always respond, because of the DVR.

If your TV has the "auto power on" and you turn that on(which means the TV turns on when it senses a signal), and you turn on the sources(as in the BD player or receiver) "turn the TV on"...then the TV turns on, to then receive another code to turn right back off.

If the CEC is "sporadically" activated (meaning off in the TV, but ON in the BD player) then remote codes can be switched around. Meaning when you push play for the BD player, the BD player can receive the IR pulse from the front of its own panel, and receive it from the TV, cause the CEC is still active.(this one is mainly a problem on the few HDMI equipped DVD/BD players where play and pause are the same button)

And "out of the box", many TV/BD/AVR have their CEC turned on...so you actually have to go turn them off.
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