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I hope this is the correct area to post this in and I hope I am using the correct terminology. Anyway, here goes. I just bought a Dish Network Sling Adapter and that is working great. So well, that it has motivated me to see if I want to do more. The Dish Network Sling Adapter allows remote viewing of the TV2 output, but with three other family members there is the potential for conflict, thus the reason for this post. I would like the ability for a second person to watch over the air content remotely. I suspect that one of my choices would be to simply buy a stand alone Slingbox for TV1 streaming. What are my other choices? I have a couple of networked desktop personal computers. I suspect that if I were to get an over the air ATSC tuner card that I could stream that content.

I am considering the Hauppauge WinTV 950 Q or Hauppauge HVR 1600 with WinTV Extend. I am focusing on those because they are on the list of supported devices on the Decontis website.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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