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Remote Scheduling Trouble

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I have a 5504 by itself with no TV connected that I have used in the past for recording any conflicts. Lately, it has stopped accepting any new recording requests from either DVArchive or from another ReplayTV; stating that there is a conflict or that the show is already scheduled to record on that unit. I can watch the shows located on the hard drive on other Replays. The hard drive is almost empty, and I have recorded shows on it thru DVArchive in the past. I tried re-booting it as well as DVArchive several times, to no avail. Because it is not connected to a TV, I have limited trouble shooting capability, but imagine I will have to drag a TV over to it and hook it up. Just looking for any other tips prior to connecting a TV to it.

My one thought was that somehow it stopped connecting to the mothership and thinks it is no longer activated, but it is showing that it has a scheduled recording to make tonight. I'll see if it makes that recording. Any way to check when it last connected to the mothership without a TV hooked to it?
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How many hours of free space does it have?

When RTV's get low on free space, they start generating that error when you try and schedule remotely. (I don't know exactly what the cutoff is)

Also, you don't have to drag a TV over there. If the RTV has a photo partition, you could install j.m.'s webmote (web-remote) or one of the other similar packages - then you'd be able to bring up screen-shots in your web browser.
It should have about 30 gig free of a 40 gig drive. I did have it full from the olympics, but deleted all that. The olympics channel still shows up, but with no shows in it. I wonder if it could have somehow not properly deleted all of that. No photo partition. I did not know about that option. Since I don't have much on it, I think it is worth restoring factory settings and putting a photo partion on.
If the Olympic channel is "keep until I delete" (Guaranteed) then that's where the space is going. Also, sometimes, even if you have the space available, the remote guides get out of sync and IIRC, rebooting both RTV's is the only way to fix things. IIRC, BaysideBas found a remote scheuling software bug in the 5k's and determined the exact pattern of steps to undertake which will always result in that error. Also, IIRC Bayside logged a bug report w/ ReplayTV/Sonic|BLUE back when the OS was still being worked on. It was ignored.

You have two options to create the photo partition: 382-zones reset to factory defaults and go though setup again. Or pull the drive and use RTV patch to change the photo partition size - then re-patch the mpeg partition - no loss of shows according to flip flop (assuming I'm regurgitating that correctly). All you need is a 1Gb photo partition.
You may not have many shows in it, but if the "empty" channels have reserved space allocated to them, it will prevent you from scheduling new shows. The Olympics channel seems to be a prime suspect in this case.
Originally Posted by rm -rf *.*
If the Olympic channel is "keep until I delete" (Guaranteed) then that's where the space is going.
BINGO!!!! I think you hit the nail on the head (as I'm smaking mine for not realizing it earlier). I think I can come up with a sequence of remote control button pushes to delete that channel without hooking up a TV.
Just change it to non-guaranteed. ("if space needed" or something like that) I haven't had to remotely delete a channel in so long that I can't be certain, but I don't think that you can actually delete the channel remotely, only the shows it contains.

(Yet another reason to get your webmote from j.m.'s website - even comes with FREE SHIPPING! ;) )
He'd still need to reset & add a photo partition for the screen shot though (if he wanted to).

No need to do a 382-zones reset:
Originally Posted by FlipFlop
Also, with RTVPatch you can change the photo partition size without losing any shows. To do this, set the target drive, select the photo partition size, and then patch the target drive using the options to preserve the contents of the MPEG partition.

Regardless of how the OP adds a photo partition, not only will he/she gain the use of web-remotes and stupid custom RTV screensavers, they'll get to follow the link in your .sig and gain IVS and CA.
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