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Hi, I currently use Vista with no Media Center and a remote and IR receiver that came with my ATI 550 Pro. I don't use the 550 Pro either.

My existing remote is used to control the mouse pointer and to left/right click. I would also like to be able to use it to control winamp and any movie program. These functions are mandatory, everything else is optional.

Is there a remote out there that I can buy that will mimick what my current (terrible) remote does? I also need it to control a Westinghouse 42" LCD (Just to change imputs), a Pannasonic XR55 (Change inputs and control volume), and a Motorolla DVR (Change channels, use dvr functions). Is there a remote out there I can use that will work with all of my exisiting hardware? Will I have to buy a new IR receiver for the computer, or will the old one work?

I'm hoping someone is going to say the cheaper harmony remotes will work. I cannot go over $150.
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