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Goofy title I know, but I'm looking for something that's a little counter to the mainstream drive at the moment. I am in need of a player system capable of being remotely administered without displaying any output except for the video to the primary screen so the audience isn't bothered with the OSD. This would include a mix of on demand playback of individual files at a time as well as back to back playthrough on a static (or dynamically populated) playlist.

In the past we've used Sigma Designs Netstream cards from a set of computers off to the side. These cards were ideal for years, since they have dedicated s-video out ports that are completely independent of the system interface and we banged together a variety of player software packages to manage our playlisting needs. Unfortunately these cards are limited to MPEG/MPEG2 streams only and Sigma's given up the PC addon card market for the settop realms. And none of the settop boxes that I've seen have provisions for remote administration via a serial or network interface....

Our fallback plan right now is a multimedia pc with the output slaved to the secondary screen with the control interface on the primary, but even that isn't quite as easy as it sounds. Plus it opens us up to stuttering, codec, and framerate problems that are a little more avoidable with dedicated hardware solutions. If anyone more familiar with these systems has seen something I haven't or has a better idea, I'd love to hear it.

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