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Removable Powercord but not IEC

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My Denon 3300 has a removable powercord which is nice , but the female end which attaches to the component in no way resembles a standard IEC , like all of the rest of my gear. What in the hell is it & who makes a receptor that can be put on to allow custom power cords? Thanks, Mark
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I betcha your IEC is simply two little roundlike

connectors, right? My old Sony DSS receiver had that. If that's it, Harmonic Tech makes an adapter that will plug into it, and to which you can connect any 'ol power cord, if you want. Available from venders carrying Harmonic Tech, including

Audionut ( www.audionut.com ).
Ahh Steve , I think you have nailed it! And provided a solution & source as well. Thanks you sir. Mark
Here is a link to the actual product:

You could make one of those via the nice folks at Radio Shack for about $5 bucks... Why spend $49.95?
Why? Because not everyone is into soldering and DIY. But Alan makes a good point and if you're interested, I betcha Alan would be glad to give you an easy DIY recipe to make your own. $5 part costs sounds about right - labor and quality soldering, and not messing us so you don't burn down your home, are the other issues involved.
Ok...let me look up the parts. Do you want me to mimic the HT model?
Thanks for your solutions Alan & Steve,

A Rotel RB 985 MKII just arrived & it has an IEC male receptacle but it is a 2 Prong!! All my wires have 3 ( hot, neutral, ground?). Unbeleivable!
Try the PC adapter.
I'd be really interested in the part# for the small rounded IEC plug, if you know that one Alan.


Hello Mr. Dax...how have you been? I just posted this tweak the other day. So if you scroll down a little.

To my knowledge they don't actually sell a 2 prong iec plug like they do with the 320iec connectors. You actually have to use those cheap power cords. But the one I selected actually sounds very good. Matter of fact I recommend it to people looking for a cheap upgrade. I have found the adapters to almost be a waste. As you know using the ground in our high end power cords is a good thing for filtering the component. Well the standard 2/3 prong adapter doesn't offer this option...so in the diy version I added one so you could play around to see how each component reacts. But if you don't want to use this option my advise is to buy the cord and use it as is. Break it in on your cable box. Plug a lamp into the spare socket on the back and leave it alone for a few days. It really makes a nice difference.
Another tip...if you don't want to tie a ground to the component due to a bad reaction, I would advise that you solder a small .1uf capacitor between the hot and ground. This will mimic the voltage leak of the component without the side effects of rolled off bass (caused by grounding a non-grounded dvd player). This set up would offer power cables like Synergistic Research and WireWorld an advantage over the rest. Dual coaxial designs need the excessive voltage on the ground to filter the component via common mode rejection.
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